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Meet/Duo groups calls stopped working

Community Member

Have been successfully making group calls using my Nest Hub Max for years.  Today, that functionality broke.  Attempted to make a call to my group contact using the phrase "Hey Google, make a group call".  It then responds "Which group would you like to call", and it correctly lists my registered groups.  However, when I tap on the group it hangs, pauses, then totally ignores my selection and directs me to a screen of local stores in my area with a name similar to the name of my group.  For example, one of my groups is named "Sisters", and after I tap it it suggests that I call "Sisters Hair Salon" instead.  At a loss for how to fix this.  


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi brianjsw,

Thanks for reaching out. I know how it feels when something isn’t working as it should. Let’s try to refresh your devices and observe if it makes a difference. First, reboot your Wi-Fi router, and once the network is back up, do the same thing to your Google Nest Hub Max.