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My child sees my personal result on her new Smart Clock

Community Member

First, this is about a Lenovo Smart Clock 2, but it presents itself as a Nest Hub when starting up, and I am pretty sure my problems are not related to the specific device. So I hope it is okay to ask anyway.

We gave our daughter a Smart Clock 2 for Christmas, but setting it up turned out to be a nightmare because of her account being administered by Family Link.

First, it took nearly two hours getting her account linked with the smart clock because of several bugs in Google's software. None of three methods for setting up voice match for her new speaker worked. For example, trying to add her voice using the Family Link app gave the infamous "No WiFi connection" error even though the WiFi worked fine. It turned out to be a common problem, and while many users succeeded adding voice match by uninstalling and reinstalling all updates to the Google app, it didn't work for me. However, as one user suggested, uninstalling the updates without reinstalling them finally let me add her voice.

Now the problem is that her device shows my personal content, not her. It shows my photos and my calendar events even though personal content for her device in Family Link is enabled. It says Allow Assistant to give XXX info specific to them, like their calendar and reminders.

So how do setup the device (or her account) so that it shows her content, not mine?