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Nest Display App Launcher

Community Member

Is there a way or can a way be developed to customize the apps (or at least the order of the apps) that are in the Google Displays App launcher?

I have a Nest Hub Max, Nest Hub, and Lenovo Display 7"

I'd like to have the ability to turn off unused apps and have the first line of apps set for the context.


For Office setting -  Contacts, Meet, Zoom, Calendar, Broadcast, Reminders, News, Podcasts, ...

For the Bedside - Calendar, Weather, News, YT Music, Contacts, ...

For the Kitchen - Timer, YouTube, Search, Shopping, YT Music, ...

There are times / places where using the App Launcher would be more appropriate than voice.

Any help or pointers to existing Nest Feedback entries is greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Landlocked-Len, 

Thanks for posting here in the Speakers and Displays Community forum.

We appreciate you sharing your thoughts about setting first-line apps on different Google Nest displays. We don't have this option available on our devices, but we continuously add features that are suggested by our users. You can send this feature request with our product engineers, who continuously add new features that are suggested by our users.

Let me know if you have other questions; otherwise, I'll be locking this thread within the next 24 hours.