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Nest Hub Max is connected to another account

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Hi all I have just set up a wifi mesh system. Home app then could not see my Nest Hub Max. So I tried to reconnect it by factory resetting the Nest Hub Max. Home app found it and connected it to the wifi but went no further and gave a message 'This Nest Hub Max is connected to another account or home'. I have tried various forum solutions. Going into my google account and unlinking the Max, unlinking third party accounts, turning the Max on and off 10 times, deleting and reloading Home app. The option to unlink it via the Home app isn't there as I can't get into the settings of the Max display because it doesn't finish connecting due the message coming up as previously mentioned.

Help greatly appreciated.



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You could try would be resetting your router. I don't think that connection issues could be causing this error, but it doesn't hurt to try. Also, make sure that you are using a 2,4 GHz WiFi band. The Clock may experience connection issues on 5 GHz band.



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Hi all feeling a bit silly. I remembered that my wife had an account attached to the Hub. Guess what, when it was removed everything worked. thanks for your help.

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@DoonLou1, glad to know that everything has been sorted out. Since this has been resolved, we'll consider this as complete and will lock the thread in 24 hours. Feel free to start a new one if you need assistance with your Google Nest speakers and the Community would gladly help.