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Nest Hub Max won't turn on at all - SOLVED

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Google (and Google's Nest users) needs to know this.    I haven't seen it anywhere on your forums and it should be.

I had some electricians at my house and the mains power got turned off and on a few times.
Unfortunately, after they left one, of my Nest Hub Max's wouldn't turn on though and the screen was just black. I tried a bunch of things including factory reset, which wouldn't work because it didin't seem to be getting any power.
Eventually, I tried another power adapter from another Hub Max that was working, and it worked fine with the other power adapter.  So it seems like it was the power adapter that broke.

But then I found this post:
u/stelthy77 is a **bleep** genius - Thank you!
Google should know about this!

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Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Thanks @thedriver  for the update and helpful links for the other Community Members!🏆