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Nest Hub no internet no basic functions

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Not sure why choose a platform does not have a "standalone" where you are not using anything but the device. But anyways back to the problem. Such advanced devices they are yet when no internet is available they are junk worse than a watch. If you ask them the time, even though they might be displaying the time they say "no internet connection available". If you want a simple timer or alarm that should be easy since they already have the date/time internally they are not able to help you. I have not experienced it or at least do not think so, but will it do the same even if you have set an alarm and at the time of the alarm there is no internet will it work?

Setting timers/alarms, Asking for date or time all simple things yet this high end electronic device is not capable of those things if no internet is available. I understand for wanting to browse, see netflix, hulu,.... but for simple stuff that the internet is not needed WHY????????

Imagine a blind guy...

Hey Google "what time is it" ..

Nest Hub: "I am sorry even though I am displaying the time I have been designed to not give you that information if no internet is available"

will there be future updates to allow this basic functions to work?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Ares,


Being able to use the basic features even not connected to the network is a great feature but not supported on the Google Nest Hub. We're always looking for ways to improve — we'll take this as feedback. You can also send feedback using your device by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback." Visit this link for more steps.