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Same songs keep getting repeated when playing YouTube Music in my Nest Hub

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I ask Google Home to play a song from a specific artist, beging with the songs... after 3 or 4 the same songs repeat...

I am using my  YouTube Music subscription.



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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


Thanks for letting us know. We're already on top of this, hang tight. We've let the right folks know! We'll be sharing updates here in the community as soon as we have them.




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Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @aripstein and all (I have merged other posts so they are included in my escalation)

Thanks for reporting. I am also seeing a few other posts here from users having the same issue. Could be a YTmusic issue but I'll let our specialists know and escalate your post.


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Hi, has Google figured out any solution? This isn't very pleasant, and we started considering alternatives.  Thanks.

I contacted them yesterday via the youtube music service desk and reported it, they said they couldnt fond any info on it so i linked them to this thread and they raised it with their tech team. 

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Google support suggested I change providers, now with Spotify premium which was also cheaper. This worked for me. Enjoying my “no repeat” music now😊

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The whole reason to have YT premium subscription is to have no ads and get YT music included. 

Same here, bought the hub max to play my YT premium subscription. Very annoying. Might switch to Amazon soon if they persis 

I honestly don't think they give a **bleep**... They're taking our money for nothing.

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We've got 3 hubs in the house and garden and can't play music from them anymore. No one at google seems to care. I'm invested in this platform with a doorbell and speakers as well. What a ridiculous situation. 

Community Member

Any update on this? It's driving me mad! 

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Hi, exact same issue that everyone is reporting. YouTube Music + Google Gome Mini is my setup and it happens when I say "Play music" or "Play 90's music" or any other variation: starts with a song, then 3 or 4 after that, repeats the first, and so on.

same here 😞

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This is nice but it's months now and no solution. What are google doing?

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I’ve been having the same issues for weeks now. When is this going to be fixed? 

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  • Same songs keep getting repeated when playing YouTube Music in my nest mini just started this today. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Buckey62910,


JillG has merged this with the similar trending issue on this thread in the Community. I suggest that you follow the main thread for updates.


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For the last month or so when I say "play music" my speakers will pick 3 or 4 songs and just play them on loop. I figured this would fix itself but it never did.  I see that others have had the same issue before, but the thread always gets locked before a solution is found.  Is there anyway to fix this? 

I am having the same issue 

i am also having this issue over past several months with YT premium. I had my Google Home for 5 years & this is ratively new. Sometimes the song repeats immediately after it just ended. This has to be fixed!!!

Community Member

Mine also started doing this recently.  I usually just go into my kitchen and ask it to "play music" and it'll play a nice mix, but lately it gets stuck on the same 3-4 songs.  Tonight I even tried something different like "play old school hip-hop," and it just played "Hypnotize" and "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G. on a loop 🤷‍♂️

Mine just started doing this a couple days ago too.  Very frustrating.

Mine started about 2 months ago and does the same... I ask it to play a song and after 3 songs it replays the same song. I tell it next song and i get the song that was played right before. Hope it gets fixed this WAS my main music playing device.

I'm having the same issue on all my google nest, mini and clock. It's very frustrating.  Is there

a setting I can change? It just started the last week or so.

Community Member

I am also having the same issue. Started several weeks ago, I ask Google on the mini speaker to play music, using YouTube Music the same 3 or 4 songs play on repeat. I've experienced this a half dozen times now. Also, asking google to skip a song or to play a particular playlist like "My Likes" does not stop the repeating songs.

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Me too.  Just started happening recently (past few weeks).

Same thing happening with me. Very annoying!

Community Member

My resolution was going with another music provider. Don’t forget to cancel your YT premium subscription. Good luck!🎼

Community Member

When I ask "hey Google play some music" it does so but sometimes it plays 3 or 4 songs and will repeat forever until stopped, other times will get stuck on two songs! It's highly annoying, Anyone know how to fix this?


this same question has been asked several time without a valid response!!!   Has this problem been resolved???

It is when another member of my family asks for the music.   I have a YouTube premium but they do not.    How is that supposed to work?   Is it only me that can ask for music ad free?   And what are the other limits for those in my household besides getting ads ?

Note: this has nothing to do with Android, but the form forces me to select a platform.

For at least the last month or so, telling my Nest Mini to "Play some music" starts it playing from YouTube Music as normal. But it will only play a small handful of songs, repeating the same song several times in an hour. It will also get stuck playing several songs from a single artist in a row. Sometimes it will play one song, play another song, and then play the previous song again. It's very repetitive.

It used to respond to "play some music" by playing an endless variety of songs suited to my tastes. It would play for hours and hours without repeating the same songs.

I use my Nest Mini to have some ambient music while I'm working, and the endless repetition makes it too annoying.

The Google/Nest team changed something on the backend in the last month or two, and it needs to be changed back.


Bt the way I've got a first and second generation google mini and one Nest mini.  It's the same on all three

Community Member

Mine is doing the same thing. 

I have premium, but I get loads of repeats.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi mallemang, 


Thanks for reaching out.


We're sorry to hear about that experience. Before we try some steps, a few things I'd like to ask-- when did you first notice this change? Are you using a premium YouTube account?


Let's try first some of these commands and observe if it will give you the same results:


  • "OK Google, play music from my library on YouTube Music"
  • "OK Google, play music from <name of playlist> on YouTube Music"
  • "OK Google, play music by <name of artist> on YouTube Music"

Let me know if these commands work.




Happens when I say play music 

Also happens when I say play specific play list 

also on YouTube premium 

I usually only ask for a specific artist.

I saw it starting at least a month ago

I said "Hey Google, play John Denver"

  • Take Me Home Country Roads
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Take Me Home Country Roads
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Leaving on a Jet Plane
  • For You
  • Leaving on A Jet Plane
  • Rocky Mountain High
  • Take Me Home Country Roads

This is where i got frustrated and turned it off.

Any fix.  I have same problem.


Yes as folk have posted go into the YT Music app, settings, playback and disable the dynamic queue 

Then there is only ONE song in the list / queue.


Not really a solution.