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Sleep tracking with multiple Nest Hubs

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Is there a way to make Google understand that some people have several nest hubs in several locations, like in my home, in my cabin and in the bedroom at my work, to have to disable sleep sensing on the active display and set it up all again when you are in one of your 2 other bedrooms is to put it bluntly stupid . Why can't all be active, and you maybe select which house you are in, but to do a complete setup 3 times a week, or more of i travel alot. Google should know that alot of people isn't living a A4 life. Also how to set up so it works when 2 people sleep in the same bed and are covered bye the sleep sensing system...


So how do I tell google that they should enhance the sleep sensing system a little bit 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Good question! Please note that sleep sensing only works on the first Nest display that you set up. If you want to use the sleep sensing on multiple Nest Hub (2nd gen) devices, you must set up your device on a different Gmail account for each device you want to use the sleep sensing on. Also, sleep sensing only works for the person closest to the device that set up the feature.


We're always looking for ways to improve -- we'll take this as feedback, and we'll gladly pass it along to the team. You can also send feedback using your device by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback." Visit this link for more steps.