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Speaker Group issues

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My speaker group disappeared since new the new version of Home app was released. Tried creating a new group and now it only plays on one speaker!  My group consists of Hub max, 2 mini's, nest speaker, and the Chromecast Audio. If I cast to the individual speaker they all work work fine, it's only when I cast to he group. Everything has been working perfectly without any problems for past couple of years....then new app version.... problems!!!  Tried resetting all the speakers and routers and no joy. Very frustrating! Is anyone else having similar problems?


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Seen this quie a few times. It's to do with your router and it's mimo capabilities. You probs have 2x2 mimo and it's just not able to cope with simulcasting to so many devices at once.

Try dropping one item from your group and try again. If that solves the issue then 100% it's a mimo issue on your router

Hi 5tiffler.   Thanks for replying.   Its strange though because everything was working fine for a couple of years with no problems.  Nothing has changed my end.   It was only when the version of the Home app came out, all my Groups disappeared and now problems.   Ive seen a few other people mention groups disappearing.   I was looking at it this morning. Tried creating yet another group, saved it, went into Spotify and group wasn't showing.  Went back into Home app and it wasn't there so had to create it a second time.   Something definitely isn't right with the new Home app.

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I am also facing the same issue. If anyone get the solution of this problem please informed me. CEO of Apk Hexo

@jaanbutt, Im not sure if i found the problem. One of my speakers isnt always turned on.  Its a Nest mini with a battery base so can move it anywhere.   'I think'...but not sure if having this off was causing all speakers to stop.  To be honest I reset all speakers and router a million times so lost the plot a bit with what I had tried.   Eventually I got them all working and not sure if this speaker was on during other times.   If this was the problem this is a new one because I usually have it off and listen to all speaker with no problems.


Unfortunately, i have a new problem now!  Had to remove the Hub max once again as cant get camera to work!!!!  Google definitely tests your blood pressure some times!!