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Strange Wi-Fi connection error and unable to stream

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Hello everybody,

I ask forgiveness for my English as I am not a native speaker but I am Italian.

I recently changed router with an ASUS RT-AX58U and initially everything was going pretty well then I started having many problems with my Google devices and even resetting everything I can no longer have a stable situation.

The main problems I encounter are two:
1) Before I opened Spotify or other Android players and I saw all my Mini Speakers and Hub Touch in my house where I could broadcast the music both individually and in a group. Now I open the apps and it doesn't detect a single one.

2) If I open the Home app and enter the settings of a Google Home Mini speaker, it warns me that "some settings are only available when your mobile device and this device (the speaker) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network" .
The strange thing is that if I look at the device information this is connected to my 2.4Ghz network, in the router page it is connected to the 2.4Ghz network (even with fixed IP) and my phone is connected to the same 2.4Ghz network .... why the speaker say it's not like that?

I assume it is an error caused by some incorrect setting in my router but not being very experienced in all the settings items I don't know what to change. I leave you some screenshots of the current ones if anyone knew how to give me some advice.

Network 1.JPGNetwork 2.JPG


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Hi everyone,
Issue update:
After resetting the router for the umpteenth time and starting over, I realized that just after configuring the basic parameters I saw all my speakers on the network and it didn't give me any problems.
After configuring the DHCP server by restricting the pool of assignable addresses from 100 to 200 and setting the fixed IPs for many of my devices including the speakers, these disappeared from the network and I no longer saw them in order to transmit the audio.
It seems as if by setting the fixed IP address it is moved to another network ...