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Nest audio setup

So let me fist preface this post by stating that I'm not "new" to setting up google devices but at this point I am completely confused. I purchased 5 more next audio speaker for the rooms In my house, I already have 12 running between my house and pa...

Clint by Community Member
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Sonos speakers voice not supported in South Africa

Hi, I bought Sonos speakers with mics but I'm living in South Africa, little did I know that google does not support voice assistance in South Africa. When is there planned rollout for voice support in South Africa?

Bojosy by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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nest hub 2 questions

hi, i just bought one of these and have a few questions.can i log into my youtube account on the device so that i can go straight to my subscriptions and history? it seems strange if i cant as the google account linked to the device is the same as th...

Google Home Mini no lights

Hi. I have a Google Home Mini that was working fine but now it is unresponsive. I've tried rebooting it and there are no white lights. No lights of any kind like it's not getting power. I've tried different power adapters and used it's power adapter ...

rob0809 by Community Member
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Google home devices and Pixel 5 both respond to "hey Google"

When at home and speaking to one of my Google Home devices (I have several) my phone also responds. In the past my phone would just to back to sleep, but in the past few days both my phone and my Google Home device will respond to my request includin...

Rbretz by Community Member
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Stuck in Factory Reset

My Nest Audio recently started slowing down and being unresponsive to my commands. So from my knowledge of having a slow Google Home Mini, I tried factory resetting it, and typically, it works. But one device is obviously not like the other. I'm sure...

Google assistant speaker

Hello, a long time ago, when I bought a google mini speaker, the Russian language worked there. This was the main reason why I bought myself expensive speakers compared to Amazon Alexa. The speakers from the Amazon are cheaper, but they did not suppo...

sausage by Community Member
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Spotify streams at lowe quality

When streaming spotify (using spotify connect or voice commands) on google speakers/google capable speakers, the quality on some songs is dreadful (96kbps or lower). Its been like this for at least a year but I have finally done enough troubleshootin...

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