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Stuck - Link Account open google Home app and link your account

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Google Nest.jpgGood day,

For an unknown reason, I woke up today to find our Google Nest Hub displaying an error message;  Link Account open google Home app and link your account

Reading the forums, others have had the same issue, but I have not seen a resolution. I have tried all of the suggested solutions:

-reboot the hub

-do a reset and start the connection setup again

-uninstalled my Google Home app from my iPhone

- tried to set the Hub up using the google home app on my iPad

All with no success. My Google Home app does see the Nest hub device, and checking my settings they do show the Hub linked to my account. My thermostats work and do show up on the Google Home app. 

System firmware version: 324896 / Cast firmware version: 1.56.324896 / Country Code: USA

Any suggestions much appreciated. Or, can I return to google for an exchange (RMA)?

Thank you in advance for any assistance! 



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SOLVED - after being unplugged for 3-days, I plugged the unit in to the wall socket and now it works correctly. Unknown reason for the hiccup. 

Problem solved. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey copz1998,


Thanks for updating the Community forum of your resolution — it's a big help! If you have any updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread in the community.