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Im a one of i kind girl

I'm not your typical there love alive? I'm not sure how to is temporary, a feeling never lasts

Cass6 by Community Member
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connect Spotify disappear

long time ago I connected Spotify on google home app, recently I want to reconnect Spotify , but when I open the home app and go to the music , there is only "YouTube music" and "no default", does anyone knows where I can find connect Spotify or othe...


Google home mini

I had this google home for like 3 years now i used to use it but i stopped and i changed phones and just started using it again now i tried to connect it but it says i have to request and that the request failed i think i had another account with it ...

Tried Migrating from Nest to Google Home - totally hosed

Tried doing the migration from Nest app to Google Home. Now nothing works and I can't do anything in either app. Some details...- I have an early generation Nest Thermostat- I have a gen 2 Nest Doorbell.- I can't get into my Nest account using the cr...

JayT by Community Member
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Chromecast volume

I haven't had any trouble with the volume buttons until now. I can't turn up or down the volume. I have disconnected and reconnected the remote and I restarted the TV and still nothing. How do I fix this?

nite04 by Community Member
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Nest hub black screen

My Nest Hub keeps going to a black screen. I unplug and re-plug it in, and have factory rebooted twice but it just keeps happening. I've had it for over six months and this has only just started about a week ago. I have tried all of the options and n...

tjezzard by Community Member
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set up a router behind google nest - not working

I am wanting to set up a VPN wifi router behind my google nest. I had this config working but recently it stopped. I could not figure it out so i reverted teh VPN router back to default onfiguration to restart over and troubleshoot. I do not get very...

Tomkinsg by Community Member
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