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No Network Found

I just noticed tonight that my Nest Learning Thermostat lost its WiFi connection three days ago. I have not changed any WiFi settings with my home network.When attempting to connect, the thermostat indicates "Searching. No networks found yet." and ev...

Chromecast - Can't select 4K 60Hz resolution

I have an LG 27un850-w display (supports up to 4K 60Hz). Got a Chromecast w/ Google TV (4K model) today... Hooked it up, disabled HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color in the monitor's settings to get it working... So far so good... Got in, updated the firmware f...

Nest and google cameras don’t work well?

I have a nest camera system and it has worked really well. I love the interface and how easy it is to see the video history. I decided to expand the set by adding in 2 more google outdoor security cameras, but I cannot add it to my nest app. Instead ...

Daniel9 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat Not Working Alert

When we purchased and installe dour Nest thermostat I thought there was a way that I would get an alert on my phone if it stopped working. We live far away from the home with the thermostat. It stopped working 7 days ago but I got no alert. The only ...

Helen3 by Community Member
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Nest Cam Wont Connect

We got a new router so we had to reset the google home app to go through on the new WiFi and we deleted our Nest Cameras from the app. Now that we factory reset them and try to set them back up we cannot connect. It goes all the way through setup and...

VincentB by Community Member
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C- wire not detected

The thermostat wires include a c wire hard wired to the Taco box - 4 zone system. 3 in Taco box. 2 are working properly. The other zone required an external wire adapter to a sepertate box. That one works. I checked the wires on the thermostat that i...

Cori by Community Member
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