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Different music on different devices?

I am really struggling to set up my kids Lenova smart clocks with different music on each of their clocks. I have set them up on my spotify family account so they have one each. I can't seem to figure out on the app how to link it with their account ...

KaReilly by Community Member
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All routines are missing

Like others have described, all of my routines are gone from the Google Home app. I can’t see or edit any of the dozen+ I have created over the years, and my sunset-based ones have stopped working entirely. Just about ready to become an Al exa househ...

Changing brightness of clock at night

Just hooked up my Nest Hub (2nd gen) and want the clock display at night to be brighter. Can't find any directions on how to do that. Is this something that can be adjusted or is the very dim display always like that?

Larry51 by Community Member
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commissioning is incomplete by google home app

Hi,I try commissioning the Matter cluster as below examples from Google Home App.

mt0msk by Community Member
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help stand alone Hub Max

Using a hot spot at a remote site for a relative. Used my android phone to connect and setup the nest hub max. Now it wants to ring in, as well as the hub max. Thats a no go, and this location won't have a android phone with the hub, it was our objec...

Add members

Why can I not add a member?We have iPhones and it has been very difficult to set up the google nest when I try to add my husbands phone it jus tsars I able to connect at this time…. For the last two hours

Bethany by Community Member
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1225 Events in one day on Gen 2 wire doorbell

Within the last few weeks, when in Night Vision Always On or Auto modes, the video feed from our Gen 2 wired doorbell began featuring a rhythmic pulsing from light image to dark image. Doesn't matter if its day, night, sunny overcast - it keeps pulsi...

ETBiggs by Community Member
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Live Video Unavailable

I've had my battery nest doorbell for a little over a month now. I charged it this past Friday after the battery died. I noticed yesterday that when I click live view, it more often than not will tell me "camera is unavailable" . I still get notifica...

crb053 by Community Member
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