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Allow my kids to be home members but not control the WiFi settings.

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I have a really convoluted solution to what seems a simple problem which is fraught with issues itself. I wonder if there is a better way to manage this?

I have a number of Google and Nest home minis, along with Nest WiFi (one router and 3 points), as well as a nest thermostat, ring doorbell, several smart lights, a robovac etc. Basically I want to allow my kids to turn lights on and off, control the thermostat, start the robovac etc but not change WiFi schedules, passwords etc.

My "solution" is to have 2 homes, one called whole family the other called parents. All devices except the WiFi routers and points are on the "whole family" home while the WiFi router and points are on the "parents" home. This kind of works but has issues. The main being broadcasts  - sometimes they only seem to go to devices on the "whole family" devices, and other times they only seem to go to the "parents" devices. Timers are another problem, I want to be able to set and cancel timers to go across the whole house.

The obvious solution would be under "settings > household > "user name"" to be able to change access details from "manager" to "user", or under "devices" to be able to select the devices they can manage.

Hopefully there is a simple solution (or at least a more appropriate solution to the one I have) that I am missing? Or perhaps there are updates coming at some point in the future to make this work for me.

Surely I am not the only one who wants to allow people in their home access to everything except to ability to screw with the WiFi settings?


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

You're not missing anything, and that is currently the best workaround. I’d encourage you to also send this feedback directly to Google. You will not receive a response, unless Google need more details from you, however the team are still reading the feedback.