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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Immersion Heater Timer

I have a Google Nest Hub Max which I use to control my Nest Thermostat and my heating & hot water. However, I have just had solar panels fitted and would like to take advantage of the surplus power they generate. To this end, I'd like to be able to c...

liteman by Community Member
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Google Home

Cannot add second device from linked account.I have 2 lg air conditioner s and my account is linked in Google home app. I have one ac already assigned to a room but cannot add the second to a separate room. Any advice?

Judotrip by Community Member
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Cannot add Family Member - Very Frustrating

We have 2 homes - one created by my wife and the second vacation home added on by me (husband). Both have Nest doorbells, thermostats, and cameras - thermostats and doorbell set up under Nest App and cameras set up by home app. She is a manager in th...

jminarcik by Community Member
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Nest cameras history in Google home

We were force to switch from the Nest App to Google Home that does not have all the features, like video history inside the camera live feed. The main question is when should we expect most/all the features in the Google home app???

Google Home App shwoing only 8 devices per Room

Google home app is showing only 8 devices in a room although, there are 11 devices added to the room. All 11 are only displayed when I click on the room name and get into it. On the home page it displayes only 8 devices under the room. How can I chan...

Sontu05 by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Home stopped controlling Vont smart lights

I have had Google Home controlling Vont Smart Lights at home for about 4 months. This was working without any difficulties, and the smart lights could be controlled from the Google Nest screens or from my Google Home app.This morning, I was unable to...

RonB1 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
  • 0 kudos not showing any of my setup from the Home App.

Hi there,I have set up several cameras I can watch them live or see the history through Home app on both android and apple.However, when I log in to (the only way I can see to save footage and share) there is nothing to see. It's like I...

tomcarpy by Community Member
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Having trouble adding members to household

Some email addresses seem to be blocked? When I add an email that's not part of a large public provider the app just stops. No error message, just stops. I have tried several and the app refuses to go past, as though the e-mail is incomplete. Gmail, ...

1audio by Community Member
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