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Resolved! Nest main Page

Why can't we change arrangement order (of nest cams, doorbell, thermostats)on my main nest cam page?

Google home removes thermostat from home and cannot add back

The setup is Google Home, with Hive products (lights, thermostat, and hot water). App is on both android and iOS.Over the last few months, the home app has been removing the thermostat and hot water from their allocated room, they appear at the botto...

tomg35 by Community Member
  • 30 replies
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NA030 error on Nest Connect when attempting initial set up

I’m trying to add my Yale lock in my Nest app but before I need to add Nest Connect but I’m having problem finding my nest connect. The set up show my Thermostat and show the Nest Connect with the finding animation but after few seconds the app show ...

Jcagarcia by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Deleting an old Nest

I cannot figure out how to delete an old Nest product from my Nest App. We have a Nest at home and last year we rented a house and we're given access to their nest. I ONLY want to delete the one we no longer use. But when I go to manage my account it...

Shadydave by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Not all cameras are syncing to the nest app

I have 3 camera devices, doorbell, indoor/outdoor camera and the hub max. All are hooked up to my Google home app but only the hub max video can be accessed on the Nest app. How can I get all the cameras there?

Wrong D.o.B

How do I correct wrong date of birth on keeps seeing me as a kid after I accidentally punched in wrong year on date of birth

epochzw by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Google Nest Battery Doorbell Smartthings Integration

Hi all, with the move to Google home from nest the connection to smartthings of Samsung is lost. I have a Samsung family hub refrigerator and new doorbell battery but these two aren't able to communicate at this moment of time. Please make the doorbe...

Jesperr by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Corrutped Nest/Home structure + bonus forum issue

Hello everyone, So I have a glitched Nest Structure that I cannot see in Google Home. I can't delete from Nest (nothing happens) and I can't upgrade it to Nest Aware plus which I really need. But I can see that structure in Google Store.I tried thing...

BrianTheB by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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