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Anyone figure out a work around using IFTTT or anything to still use Anylist with voice commands?

Community Member

We have been using Anylist for grocery shopping for years. Taking that away is just another check in the box of why I am growing to despise the fact that I have spent as much money as I have on google home products that just get dumber with every update. More and more I am starting to realize google home is just turning into a really expensive music system and weatherman.

I've been trying to play around with other 3rd party services to figure out if there is a workaround for this but have been unsuccessful. Google Shopping Lists are horrible and a waste of time without automatic categories for grocery shopping. It is easier now for us to go back to having to put a list on the fridge and telling everyone to write down what they need under categories.

Anyone figure out a workaround? There has to be something.