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Can't send invitation at the moment. Try again.

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I cannot invite my household to my Google Home and keep getting the error message, "Can't send invitation at the moment. Try again.".

I have read numerous posts on this topic and I understand that after years of having a G-suite, now Workspace, account I will never be able to use Google Nest/Home to the fullest. I appreciate that you can pass this on to improve your products and services, alas with the countless previous questions/request posted by others, nothing has happed to remedy these issues.

With the move away from the data paid Workspace to a money paid scheme (on top of the current data paid), I now have to make a choice. Will I pay? – Yes, if Google Nest/Home will work…

So, will it work?

If yes, wonderful! Can you share when?

If not, I understand that you will be understanding of my frustration and suggest me to move to a personal Gmail account. So, let’s just skip ahead and please advise on how to migrate from Workspace to Gmail for my:

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Movies
  • Keep Notes
  • YouTube subscriptions and history
  • Chrome bookmarks, history and passwords
  • Drive content
  • Duo contacts and call history
  • Maps pins and maps
  • Rewards balance
  • Play Store app purchases
  • Authenticator “accounts”

Thank you for you swift and most helpful reply!


Community Member

Sorry, I forgot to list:

- Fit

- Play Games

- Podcasts