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Can't able to recover my Gmail account

Recently I reset my phone and I forget my account password. I try to reset it with my phone number. But I can't reset my Gmail Password. A verification code was send my phone number and I enter that to my Gmail Account 2 step verification code. And t...

Mahathir by Community Member
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Recovery password

Hello sirI was a Google account-#########. I used this I'd before few months in this mobile but now I can't sign I my account. Sir I lost my gmail account password I have recovery phone number is ############6.please recovery my account. Please send ...

Unable to link Child Account to Lenovo Smart clock 2

I'm unable to add my family link child's account to her Lenovo Smart Clock in her bedroom. This is extra annoying as it means she can't play her own playlist or personalise her display. The Lenovo forums say this is a known issue and down to Google s...

Megposh by Community Member
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How Do I Add Nest Aware?

I have multiple cameras already set up, and I had Nest Aware for a little while, but now it seems my trial run has expired, and I have literally no way to turn on/subscribe to Nest Aware? Where is it in the app? I see Nest Aware in the app, but it ju...

Tstarr by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Trying to make a phone call

Spoiler (Highlight to read)When making a phone call, Nest drops the first digit of the area code. So there is only eight digits instead of nine.When making a phone call, Nest drops the first digit of the area code. So there is only eight digits inste...

Ironlike by Community Member
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Using Home and Away routines for Google Workspace

I have recently purchased a Nest Mini 2nd Gen and I was interested in some basic automation using Home and Away Routines, which are actually recommended by the Google Home app now every time I open it. However, I am using a Google Workspace account (...

dvicente by Community Member
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Google app and Chromebook

I am trying to assign a music service (Spotify) to a Nest speaker using my Chromebook. However to do that I need the Google app and I am constantly told my device is not compatible with that app.I am going round in circles.I thought Chrome OS, Chrome...

Navrig by Community Member
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Could not reach Haier uHome account

Hi everybody. Yesterday the app got disconnected/unlinked and the air conditioner could not be controlled.This issue was fixed a few weeks ago but it seems to be happening again.After I unlinked my uHaier account from Google Home and then tried to li...

Nicolas by Community Member
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Casting to new Samsung smart TV

I purchased a new Samsung (Q60A) smart TV and managed to successfully connect it on my Home app. However I'm unable to find the TV on certain android apps when I attempt to cast.If I go to YouTube on my or my wife's devices I can find the TV. If I go...

Deelen by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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