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Resolved! Google Home App (IOS 15.1) WiFi functionality not working

Recently all the WiFi functionality from the Home App has stopped working. Mesh tests/Speed tests don't work, accessing System settings hangs, no Device data shows up. I haven't changed anything in my environment - very frustrating and would love to ...

Doogster by Community Member
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Nest app won't login on iphone

My nest app was migrated to google quite some time ago but just this week the app won't recognize my login and continues to cycle through the "login with google" process back to the "login with google" screen. I have 5 cameras, 2 thermostats, and a l...

stithhall by Community Member
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i created a gmail account for the google nest (i couldn't use the one i had because it is with google suites) an update or something was done on the app and the login information was not saved. i don't remember what the email address was or the passw...

dottie by Community Member
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Recover my old account

Hello sir My old email account couldn't verify me and I complet phone number verification and unable to verify email verification so please recover my email my email is #########Please gave otp in my account My account is #########


Hi, every time I try and log into Netflix on my Google home app it says that “this operation couldn’t be completed” and nothing I try works.

Grey1707 by Community Member
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Gmail account and Google account

Sir please my Google account verification so that I can use my Gmail account . I loss my old number that why Google account verification code not come . My Google account #########

Can't able to recover my Gmail account

Recently I reset my phone and I forget my account password. I try to reset it with my phone number. But I can't reset my Gmail Password. A verification code was send my phone number and I enter that to my Gmail Account 2 step verification code. And t...

Mahathir by Community Member
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Recovery password

Hello sirI was a Google account-#########. I used this I'd before few months in this mobile but now I can't sign I my account. Sir I lost my gmail account password I have recovery phone number is ############6.please recovery my account. Please send ...

Unable to link Child Account to Lenovo Smart clock 2

I'm unable to add my family link child's account to her Lenovo Smart Clock in her bedroom. This is extra annoying as it means she can't play her own playlist or personalise her display. The Lenovo forums say this is a known issue and down to Google s...

Megposh by Community Member
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