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Google Home Update (Spring 2024): More ways to control your smart home than ever... Read more

Controlling volume for multiple speakers in the Google Home app Read more

Now Available: Google Nest Warranty Helper Read more

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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

Forum Posts

Heating on App doesn't work

We have had a Nest thermostat for years and it worked brilliantly. Since migrating to Google, we can only control the hot water by phone app, not the heating. The heating 'circle' is just a black ring stuck at a wrong room temperature and nothing I c...

Frenchie1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest app asks for credentials when connecting to Google Home

Hello,My Google Nest Thermostat product do not show up in the Google Home app.The issue is when I try and add the Nest devices to my Google Home app (via the 'Works with Google' option), when I select Nest it takes me to a login screen, but I have no...

photo1664456422 (3).jpeg photo1664456422 (2).jpeg photo1664456422.jpeg

Google Home App Symbols

On my Google Home app….inside my Google wifi hub is a triangle with an exclamation point insidewhat does that mean ?

Mikerg by Community Member
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Ancient and Deleted projects still listed in 'Works With Google"

In order to get my project [homeassistant-????? (hidden)] working, I had made a couple more projects previously. I have since deleted them (many, many months ago). When I go into the GOOGLE HOME app on my phone and use the "Works with Google" option,...

bearhntr by Community Member
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Google won't let me login to my account on my TV

Hello,I bought a TV with built in Android TV and Chromecast.However, I am unable to login because Google blocks the access to my account every time I try.Upon login in to any of the Google apps (e.g. Play Store) on the TV, it says my login and passwo...

jpedrocp by Community Member
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Hey Google sync devices command

When I use the phrase, Hey Google, sync devices, I get the response;"Pixel 6 isn't available, you might want to try setting it up again"Without doing a factory reset, what do you advice for this please?

kevinp23 by Community Member
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How do I escalate a case?

Hi,How do I escalate case 8-4302000033419?The lack of engagement is disappointing. Thanks

G_ by Community Member
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