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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Nest Connect

I cannot connect my new Nest Connect to the wifi. I can get the light to pulse blue during setup, but the light will not turn green to advance to the next step.I've rebooted my wifi several times and reset the connect module. Nothing is working even ...

Murfee by Community Member
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Cant add xiaomi security 360 cam in google home

Hi sorry didnt respond in the last post. Didnt see the responses.I tryed every thing. Uninstall, wipe , even open anew mi home acount . Nothing helped. No metter what i cant see the camera in home app. Only the robot vacume

Ds001 by Community Member
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Cash App Theif Hacked Android

Can anyone help me reach Cash App ADMIN BY PHONE? They will not return my call request for. Email or text. Well over $1,100 & I KNOW WHO DID This TO ME REMOTELY. Please, I worked THE ENTIRE SUMMER WITH A BROKE RIGHT WRIST after 2nd SURGERY. I am seek...

JazzMuz by Community Member
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Resolved! मेरा गूगल अकाउंट कोरीिकवर करना है लेकिन पासवर्ड डालने पर भी ही नहीं खुल रहा है

मेरा ईमेल आईडी नहीं खुल रहा है और रिकवरी नहीं हो रहा है पासवर्ड सही डालने पर भी नहीं खुल रहा है क्या करें माय अकाउंट. √ #########

Google Home Homescreen Shortcuts

Why doesn't the Home app support app shortcuts by long pressing the icon? This function would be very useful for quick access to cameras, lights, media, routines, etc. Almost every other Google app supports these shortcuts. It seems like an oversight...

Where do you get support for this forum

Where is the method to contact support for this community forum (or probably for that matter, any of Google's Community forums)???There's no way to contact forum support / moderators.There should be a sub forum (Location, Label etc) for support or he...

tease by Community Member
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ALL my post are being marked as Spam

ALL my post on this community forum are being marked as SpamI posted this (you won't be able to see it it because it's still marked as Spam) in September last year and I've been waiting for a reply (

2022-01-24 124507.png
tease by Community Member
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