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Cannot turn volume all the way down while live viewing camera

Community Member

With the new nest cams while live viewing a camera feed on the iOS app the volume controls will only bring the audio down to around 10%. Any more pushes of the buttons do nothing and audio stays at 10%.

I can disable audio for the camera, but that also disables audio recording. I want to be able to keep the audio being recored, but have the ability to mute it while I'm viewing  a camera live. Is this possible?


Community Member

I have the same issue, raised it here got some lame reply about how to use volume controls.
I explained it wasn't my ability to use my phone that was the issue and my thread was closed!

I'm guessing it's a bug, it should be an easy fix. It's a shame, they just don't want to listen.

I've been encountering all the same issues since I originally purchased my camera, nothing has been fixed, it's not surprising when they have the attitude that it's user error all the time.

Good luck...I hope they listen to you and don't just close the thread!

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No, it's not possible. I suspect, as is with most Google products, that the engineers and product managers don't actually use the product in their daily lives. 

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Community Specialist

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