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Copy/Duplicate daylong routine

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It would be amazing to be able to copy/duplicate a daylong routine. I have a complex one setup, but need the same thing with a slight change for other circumstances. Is this possible?

Do I need to get out scrap paper, write down the entire routine step by step with each trigger and each change, and then create a totally new one, Lol?


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What an absolutely disappointing oversight to not include a COPY TO NEW routine... option. Google...Hire me to design at half price and I will contribute meaningful yet basic desired and useful options lol. Why is this not STANDARD!

Community Specialist
Community Specialist



Sorry for the frustration you've had working with routines. I can definitely see how a copy to functionality would make management easier. I can pass your suggestion along to our internal teams as a feature request. They do take those into account for making choices with future product updates. Aside from passing along your feedback, is there anything else I can do for you?




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Hi, Jeff! I'm so glad that this isn't just a space for complaints - that we have the ability to help improve the software!

YES I have another suggestion - nest/Google doorbells frequently misidentify people. It would be nice to be able to click their picture, and assign them to a "new person." Deleting their image doesn't improve the identification. 

TY for that kind reply.

And I must apologize for my jaded laced post.
A simple copy ROUTINE to NEW ROUTINE and a copy ACTION... would make a massive productivity increase especially during testing of new hardware and isolating compatibility and communication issues as well as when there are google software updates that break routines.
Building and testing routines can be very time consuming and without the COPY feature.., it is tedious, laborious and and presents greater risk of typos etc.
Ty Jeff

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,

@Jeffrey Rivera, thanks for the information you provided.


We are constantly innovating to become better. Giving you all the best features and devices is our goal. You can also help us by sending feedback on your Google Home app and device. Here’s how.


Let us know if you have questions and concerns as I’ll be locking this thread in 24 hours.