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Desperate for help

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 This is kind of a long and surreal story. Please bear with me. My exbf used Google Home along with Samsung SmartThings and Ably to spy on me and steal my identity and then continue to spy on me. I have since secured all my financials, etc, but I've not been able to recover any accounts. I know Google has zero customer service to help with account recovery, but the ex basically told me that he and his friend are using my stolen google account to steal cryptocurrency and to do something that clears stolen phones so they can be sold. I don't really understand it. Something about a pc and usb and putting my account on the stolen devices so they can unlock them. I live in rural small town Tennessee and when this very first started SIX MONTHS AGO, I tried to tell a police officer what was happening (that someone, I didn't know it was him at the time, was controlling my devices remotely) and I was told that that was impossible and I "must be a delusional drug addict, probably on meth because that's what causes those kinds of delusions". I am not on drugs nor am i delusional, but he has used that officer's words to bully me, abuse me and try to convince me that no one will ever believe me. I know it was him because he was the only person who had access to all of my devices and he grossly underestimated me. He knew I suspected him and would toss me his phone, tell me to look through his google activity and browser history, never dreaming that I'd be clever enough to go back later and look at his website data, stored cookies, etc. They are also doing some kind of coding, developing.. I don't know. My name (which is not a common name AT ALL) has 29 results on GitHub. I've never done anything on GitHub. Six months ago I had no idea SmartThings, Nest, Home, Ably, GitHub, none of it, even existed. I have had to educate myself the best I could as quick as I could all on my own. I am pretty certain my google account is loaded with evidence of their criminal activity, but getting into that account is impossible since they changed the password and my ex destroyed the phone I had and bought me a new one with a new number (because he was sooo worried about someone spying on me, but I have a photo of his google assistant connected to the phone he bought me and the camera would often come on by itself. I have since replaced that android with an iphone that I don't think he's been able to get into) Anyway I know recovering my google account is impossible, so if there is anyone who has any advice at all, I would be eternally grateful. What else do I look for? How can I know if they are still spying on me? Literally any advice at all would be appreciated. 


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Community Specialist

Hi Cupcake627,


Thanks for posting here in the Google Nest Community and sorry for the delay. Give our friends at Google Account Help Community a shout. They're best equipped to help you with your Google account concern.


If you have Google Nest devices and would like assistance about it, let us know otherwise I'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.