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Duplicate charges on Google Nest Account

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I recently discovered that I have been getting double charged for my Nest subscription since November of 2020 when Google took over Nest and changed plans (being charged for my old plan that does not exist anymore and the new one). I've contacted Google multiple times without a solution. I have no way of canceling my old subscription since it's not active under my account. Does any one have any advice for how to get this resolved? When I call Google they assure me they are working on the issue and will get back to me in 1-2 business day, only to tell me they need more time and get back to me in 1-2 more business days. This has been going on for a week where I just keep getting pushed around. I have had Nest for 3 years and enjoy the service, but am ready to cancel and ask the credit card company to block the charges. The lack of resolution is frustrating and disappointing. 


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Contact your credit card company and ask them to block further charges and recall the double booked amounts. Also give them the background info you gave here. This is the only way to get it solved fast.

This is no help and not fair that you all are getting over on people and you’re a multi billion establishment to steal from customers 🤔😡😡

My apologies I was trying to reply to the company Google 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,
Sorry for the late response, but I wanted to drop in here to help.

I understand that these issues can be confusing but I definitely wanted to stop by and see how I could help.

Just wanted to double check to see if you were still needing help on this? If so, do you mind clarifying what subscription this is for? Is this for the Nest Aware?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Garrett DS

This is not fair to customers that your multi billion establishments are getting over on people..double charges and barely can talk to a live person this is bs😒😡😡

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nest chat disconnects me and says they will call 'tomorrow' and no one calls   i am being double billed and all my cameras are not on my subscription  I NEED HISTORY AT ME MOM"S HOME

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Hello I’ve only had my device only  a few months and notice I’ve been getting charged way more than I originally signed up and I’m trying to contact a live person because this isn’t sufficient at all and I’m disabled and  can’t afford extra unnecessary charges please help