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Find lost phone, PLEASE?

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I lost my cell phone after the SuperBowl on the 12th and I've been unable to find it since. According to FindMyDevice it "Can't  reach device". This may be because the phone died OR because I had the carrier turn on the "Lost phone" option to prevent it from being used if someone tried to. I'm not entirely sure as I have never lost a phone before. My question is this... FindMyDevice states the phone was last seen on the 13th. Is there anyway for me to find out WHERE it was last seen? I tried calling Google but I ended up here instead. Also, if anyone has any advice for me, I'm open to all suggestions! I just want my phone back. TIA 


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Platinum Product Expert
Thanks for stopping by the Google Nest community. For support with your Android device, we recommend posting in the Android community where experts can better assist.

Hope you find your phone!

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@AGF, I'll go ahead and consider this thread as complete and will lock the thread after 24 hours. If you have other questions, feel free to create a new thread.