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Google Home and Nest is utter and complete garbage.

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Google Home is utter trash. Google Assistant is trash. All of it. Nothing ever f*cking works. Hey Google turn off my tv. Sorry I don't understand. Hey Google show my camera on my tv. Sorry I can't find that device. The whole Nest ecosystem is trash. Literally pissed off on how garbage the app, ecosystem, and Google assistant is. It never works and they have the nerve to raise Nest prices when their hardware barely works most of the time. Trashcan all this sh*t goes.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi KontrolledKaos,

Thanks for reaching out. We hear you — we can understand why you feel that way. A few questions: what Nest speaker or display are we working with? When did it begin? Were there any recent changes made before it started? Also, what steps have you taken so far? 

Let’s try to refresh your devices and observe if it makes a difference. First, reboot your Wi-Fi router, and once the network is back up, do the same thing on your Nest speakers, camera, and Chromecast. Let us know the result by updating this thread.