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Google Home

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I recently upgraded from the 6 pro to the 8 Pro Google Home, presence settings were working fine on the 6 my lights would come on when home and go off when away since upgrading to the 8 Pro it's not working any help appreciated 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Nbergin,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community.


Just to verify, what type of Google Nest speakers are set up in your home? If you're referring to presence sensing, here are some useful info:


Your phone location and sensors in supported Google Home devices can help determine whether or not someone's home, which means these signals, working together, can help determine presence inside the home. This feature is called presence sensing. Presence sensing can help your home devices adjust to your needs when you are home or away.


Your phone uses geofence to detect whether or not you're home, and it can only use it from either the Home app or the Nest app at any one time. When you enable geofence in one app, it automatically gets disabled in the other app. If you're using the Nest app, learn about Home/Away Assist instead.


Presence sensing and how it's used for your Home & Away Routines


Your devices use presence sensing to start either your Home Routine or Away Routine. You can view and manage your presence data in the Home app.


If you turn off presence sensing for your home and your phone, your Routines and other features that use presence sensing won't know when you leave or come back home, so they won't know when to start. You can still start your Routines manually with the Home app.


If you turn off "Allow this home to use phone locations," but leave your individual phone location on, Home & Away routines will stop working, but features that use only your phone location such as Only Ring When Home will continue to work.


We'd love to know more about your setup. Let us know if you have additional questions by responding to this thread.