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How do I file a Formal Complaint?!?

Community Member

How do I file a formal complaint?  I have been a strong supporter of Nest and other Google products.  However, Google has become the worst customer experience I have had my entire life.  It was surprising to see that my experience wasn't unusual either when looking through all these other customer complaints.  

I had been extremely happy with and confident in Google Nest, Google until I had an issue.  I talked with customer support, have been hung up on by 3 customer support representatives, have asked to escalate the issue to a supervisor and have been promised 3 times that a manager would return a call in 24 hours with no call back.  I had 2 customer services representatives which said "I have other customers to take care of, good bye".  I was hoping to talk with a supervisor to help with retaining my confidence that Google Nest, to let them know of my concern in their poor customer support, and the zero concern for their customers that Google is providing. I was hoping to replace my thermostat, but after this experience I will go out of my way to let all of social media, friends, and family how horrendous Google Nest is and how they have zero concern for their customers. Up until this point I loved my Nest thermostat and would have recommended, and after my horrendous experience with customer support I will go out of my way to voice their horrendous customer support team. How can I contact a manager of the customer support team to voice my concern in the worst customer support team, and inability for customers to voice their concern with such a horrible management and feedback system?  


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Disappointed6,

Thanks for reaching out here in the Google Nest Community forum.

I understand that you were frustrated and disappointed, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. For your benefit, we'd like to investigate this further and try to make things right.

Can you share with us any of your previous support IDs? This would help us review the situation and take steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

I'll look forward to your response.


Hi there

I’d like to log a complaint re the Google Nest desk based in the Philippines. I believe this is not part of Google Inc rather an outsourced help desk but i am trying to replace a dead Google Nest. It gave up after 1.5 years so clearly it’s not a robust product 

i showed ‘Anthony’ on the desk the broken item. I gave him the serial number. I spent an hour on the phone and have sent numerous emails. He is stalling on sending me the replacement product. 
please resolve. 

Hi BrokenNest100,

Oh no! I'm sorry for the experience you had with our team. I understand that you spent an hour trying to find a fix, and I'd be happy to take a look at this for you.

Can you share with me your previous support ID number? A glimpse of what was happening can help me check the status and look for options for you.

Keep me posted.


Re: Your Google Support Inquiry: 2-8761000035262

That’s it. 

Hey there,

Thanks for sharing your support ID number. It appears to be an issue on your Google Home Mini, and I apologize that it takes pushbacks in the email due to the serial number discrepancy.

To proceed with the process, if you wouldn't mind filling out this form, we'll get you the right level of help.

Let me know once you're done.


Hi Mark

I don’t understand what you mean by pushbacks in the above context. 

Your team visually saw the Nest or mini or whatever it is. 
They openly argued that it carried a 1 year warranty whilst showing said warranty form which clearly stated 2 years. 
They asked for my home address to send on a replacement 

nothing has arrived. 

Specifically, what info do you require that I have not provided already. 




Community Member

Dear Mark

Do you work for Google? 

Is it a Corporate value of Google Inc to not stand over its stipulated warranty?
Under European law, it must do so. 
Why is your staff refusing to provide the service that Google inc is legally required to adhere to under EU consumer legislation.  

Is your team unwilling to do its job, or simply ingloriously inept? Or something merging else? 

Community Member

I have filled out the form but must ask again- what information do you require that I have not provided already ? 
Also the sentence i your message re pushbacks is without clear meaning- unless your saying that the serial number I provided was correct, though your team member had advised me that it wasn’t correct. 

So I suppose we are back to square 1 - when are you sending out the replacement home mini? 

Hello BrokenNest100,


Thanks for the speedy reply. I see how the conversation went through, referencing your support ID. Due to an incorrect serial number being shared, the process took a while, as I see you reached out to us on the 8th of October. But no worries; we'll take care of it for you here.

We got your form; I'll hand it over to our senior support team to check for replacement options, including the correct serial number I found on the email. So please keep an eye out in your inbox for any updates soon.