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How do I find my nest email? (Trying to get Nest thermostat set up)

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Unable to stream my live camera feeds (battery doorbell and wired nest cam floodlight) to my TV as outlined in the google article here:

I contacted google today and spoke with Helen.  She said nest cams only work with smart hub displays (even though it is advertised right on the box that it works with chromecast). She gave me some BS story about how the OLD cameras work with chromecast, but the NEW ones don't.  How would a customer even know if they are getting a NEW or OLD version of the camera?? Further, the setup process in google home even advertises you can stream to chromecast devices.  Google even emailed me after setup (automated) about 'what your nest can do' and it included streaming to chromecast!!  Helen's only advice - submit feedback on the website, so here I am.

The NEST app on your phone is worthless.  You can't add new nest devices to it.  If you try, you are routed to google home to add it. The NEST app you can add via chromecast is also worthless.  There is absolutely NO way to even sign into your account.

I'm so frustrated and will likely never buy another google product.  Of course I'm out of the return window.  Seriously considering filing a warranty claim since the product does not work as advertised.

False advertising and doing nothing for service recovery is a very bad look, google.

If anyone is considering a NEST cam, I would absolutely NOT get one.  Zero stars.