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Inviting family members still an issue

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I must be missing a step or something when I try and add a person to a "home" I just set up.  I have set up numerous Google WiFi and nest systems for customers and cannot figure out why I still have occasional issues inviting home members.  I always make sure that everyone has a Google/Gmail account, I set everyone up with the "assistant" app, set up their Duo account/app, make sure that contact sharing is on if applicable, etc.  Once the initial "home" is set up and the new homeowner tries to invite their wife or partner I will get the message "can't send invite right now" occasionally.  I cannot find any common thread that will explain why the invitations sometimes won't go.  It also seems that once I encounter an email that the invitation won't go to then that email will not ever work.  Is it something on Google's end or something I'm doing wrong?  I've encountered this on both Android and iPhone.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it's only to tell me that it's a programming issue.  That way I can give my customers a real explanation instead of looking incompetent.


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I am facing the same issue  "can't send invite right now" Please advise if you get an answer. Thanks  #

I don't know whether or not it was just a fluke or something I did but I started from scratch and made a new Gmail address for the family member I couldn't invite, set up their assistant, got them a new Duo account, turned on all sharing options, and the invitation went.  All I can deduce without help from Google is that there was something associated with the problem members email address.  It wasn't a workspace account either.  This is far from an ideal solution but for now it's tolerable.  With the amount of time I have invested in this I'm tempted to start sending Google a bill.