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Nest doorbell turns sound off on Samsung S22 Ultra

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I have just installed a Nest doorbell, but whenever I connect it to my Google Home App, my phone loses sound. I'm not sure how to fix this. Thanks.


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hi, I'm experiencing similar issues with the Google nest cam and I am going through technical support. It seems to be linked to the s22 ultra specifically and Google home app. To stop the problem from happening temporarily 'force stop' the Google home app by long pressing it, tapping 'i' then 'force stop'

Hmmm, this is really frustrating. I hope that you get your issue fixed. I'm curious to know whether or not tech support can help.

I would say to go through technical support. The more people with similar problems that report it the more likely that they will be able to come up with a fix

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Community Specialist

Hi folks,

Checking in — were you able to speak to our support team? If so, how did it go? Let me know if you need more help.

Thanks for the help, timmysd88.



I spoke with support but was disconnected somehow before we fully resolved the issue. we found out that it seems to work while on the phone with someone, but as soon as we hang up the issue comes back. Resetting phone settings only worked for a brief time. I'm not sure how to get back in touch with support. I do have a case number, but I'm not sure if that is any good or not.

I am having the same issue and tech support was unable to fix it and even lied and told me they would call me back in 10-15 minutes and never did. Also if i adjust my phones audio in the app it makes my phones audio start going up and down randomly by itself. The audio both in and out is so choppy and quiet it's useless. This is a brand new phone and doorbell both have been reset and factory reset to attempt to resolve this issue. My wife has an iPhone 14 Pro Max and is not experiencing any issues with the door bell.

Yup, it's getting slightly annoying now, I'm having to force stop app ever time I use it. I get choppy video and audio from camera too. I have contacted support and have left feedback via the app (please do the same) I think it allows you to log a file of the issue which will hopefully allow them to identify the problem quicker

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Update: If I disable Calls on the Galaxy Watch in Bluetooth settings, the problem does not occur, even when connected to watch. The trade off is you can't answer calls on your watch anymore. My watch is a Galaxy Watch 4 btw.

I have the same issues. When I watch the live video or a video in the history, my sound doesn't work and my volume control goes all over the place the like others have said. I have to close the app to get sound back in apps like Spotify. This happens on my S22 Ultra. My Fiancée's Pixel has zero issues.

I was curious and just disconnected my Galaxy Watch from my phone and the issue stopped. As soon as I turned it back on and reconnected it, the issue started again.

This was really helpful. I went to Bluetooth, turned off calls on watch and turned it back on and it stopped! This is genius. Awesome!

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I am having this exact problem! I did a factory reset on my phone, and even had the screen replaced (for free), becuase they thought that was the problem. My wife said that the problem started when I installed Galaxy Wearble on her phone. I thought she was crazy! I will disable the phone calls on the watch to see if that works. I'm glad I am not the only one dealing with this problem. It is very frustrating! I don't even want to look at my cameras because of this.

If I put my watch in airplane mode it doesn't happen. I have noticed it tries to connect to my TV, also connects to my car saying I'm on a call (when I'm not) and won't let me hang up.

Do you have a Lexus? This was happening to me as well. I had to either restart my phone, or turn my bluetooth off and back on.

Maybe one day, right now I'm in a Skoda. Hopefully all these problems will lead them to a solution quicker 🙏

Have you also reported to nest help?

I have not. Doing it now.

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Ok.... After contacting Nest support, they asked me to unplug my Nest Hub 7 inch and then plug it back in after 2 minutes. I told them that this had nothing to do with my problem, but they asked me to try it anyhow. Gues what... it worked!! I haven't had a problem since. I will keep you posted if it comes back!

I don't have the nest hub, I have 5 Google nest mini speakers, a Google home speaker and a Sonos soundbar with Google assistant, 3 Chromecast with Google TV. I suppose I just unplug all of them and leave them for 2 minutes? Let us know how you get on. Do you also have galaxy watch 4?

I have the galaxy watch 5 and I don't think this was the issue. Since I unplugged my google hub, I have not had a problem at all!

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Just as giving another update.  I still have not had a problem with my phone since unplugging/plugging my google hub.  I still don't know why that worked, but it did.  My wife's phone hasn't had a problem either.

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I have same Issue, Music is choppy or stutters right after stream Video from Google Hub Max. I have the S22 Ultra, it looks like only happens in this device. My wyfe has the S22 and she don't have any issue at all. I turned the bluetooth Off in my GW4 like ttownsend did and it worked! but i would like to get notifications in my watch again! i sent a report to Customer Support a month ago and they didn't answer me back yet...

Do you happen to have a galaxy watch with your galaxy s22 ultra? If so, just go to Bluetooth setting click on the settings icon on the Bluetooth device toggle on and off the call settings on the Bluetooth. It will correct itself. Thank you!

If I understand you correctly, this only fixes the problem once.  You would have to do this every time you watch the camera video.  At least that's what happens in my case.

So, unfortunately that is the problem with Bluetooth 5.1 in Galaxy S22 Ultra. I hope they fix it. But as of now, that is the only solution!

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If you keep the Bluetooth off in your SGW4 the issue disappear... but Google needs to fix this issue because the main reason to own a smartwatch is to get notifications on your wrist...