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Possible to get only the sound cue, when turning on/off lights from different room

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Is there any way to get Google assistant to just play the sound cue, when turning something on or off from a different room?

I'm in the kitchen and want to turn off the lights in my bedroom.
I say to my Nest Hub "Hey Google, turn off lights in bedroom" and instead of it answering; "yes, hello, I have now turned off your lights in the bedroom and I am speaking very loud and unnessarily, would you like anything else?" (this is an exaggeration) I just want the 'Du-dong' sound.
I know that this is what happens when you are controlling lights in the same room and that's nice but I would like to have it for all rooms, all the time.

I don't need it to speak, when just controlling lights.

EXCEPT: I do want it to speak if an error happens or the lights are disconnected, but if this does not work in combination, I would prefer just the sound cue. 


Thank you for your response. 
This was not exactly what I was looking for but it is somewhat helpful in understanding that what I want it to do is not possible at this point in time.

I can see people in the comments of the link, is also asking for what I am asking. 
Hopefully it will be possible some time in the near future. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

@MplsCustomer, thanks for sharing this blog post.

@KasperAS, you can file feedback about the feature that you want to be available so our product team can receive and review it. View this link on how to send your request. 


Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours.