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TV as speaker for Home app routine

Community Member


Im pretty new to this whole google home story just trying to experiment a bit. Could you please help me out here?
I have a samsung TV with connected Chromcast. I added this device on my phone to the Home App and now i can control it properly(turn on/off, use built in the remote, cast etc.).
Using the chromcast remote, i can also use the built in assistant to ask for the weather and i can hear the results on the TV speakers.

Now i was trying to write a very basic routine to start up the TV at a specific time and announce the weather but here i got stuck.

In the routines menu, i can not select the TV to start my routines on. Is that expected What other devices could i select here normally? What can execute the routines? Phone, Nest hub..?
When i open the routine itself, i can not select the TV for audio device. Can't that function simply as a speaker? Currently i can only select the device that started the routine, which can only be my phone apparently.

Probably linked but im also not sure if i understand why there is no audio device if i set the starter to a specific time instead of voice command. Where would the routine start in that case?

Thanks in advance for your feedback!