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For immediate help, visit the official Google Nest Help Center where you can find tips, tutorials, and other answers to frequently asked questions.

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Shoppinglist fails in swedish

Assistant shoppinglist voice commands started to prompt "Can't read shoppinglist" 2 years ago. Trying every now and then "men den fungerar inte på svenska". Worked ok in swedish 2 years ago but not now. Någon annan som har samma problem?

Nest app

My app for Nest will not show the temperature in our house; instead it displays a plus sign.How do I get it to display the temperature?

MPook56 by Community Member
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I tried to join an App but it says I don't have access 

Google devices not recognizing two voices

Hi. So my roommate and I have multiple nest devices in our home. We've also activated personalized content and learned google our voices. (we have two google accounts connected to the same home)But only my voice can make changes to our lights. When m...

Kjemp by Community Member
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Resolved! Tapo camera

Hi Can't get Tapo C310 camera to work with Google Assistant. Have tried to reset everything but does not work. I can see the camera in the google home app but can not stream to google cast.

Humpe by Community Member
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Nest security code not emailed

My nest keeps asking for a identity code that never makes it to my email even after my login goes through but stops at verification code which I don’t have. What is the resolution for this issue?

HM2022 by Community Member
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Pause a routine

I have a day long routine. Sometimes something come up and i want to pause the routine for an hour or so and then pick up where I left off. Is that possible?

Recover old nest account

I had NEST cameras connected to an account before they got bought out by Google. The cameras have not been used for several years. I am trying to reuse them. Have long since lost access or even the email that was used. I tried resetting the password ...

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