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Unable to migrate learning thermostat to Google Nest

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The Google instructions are misleading. When I try to migrate from my original Nest account to my gmail/Google account and going through the process to add the thermostat (as it is not immediately recognized!), the instructions ask for a code that I am unable to get because the thermostat is already assigned to my original Nest account. I thought this process was seamless.


Any thoughts/insights are welcome.




After your migration, your Nest Learning Thermostat should still have been visible in the Google Nest app, and it should have also AUTOMATICALLY have appeared in the Google Home app, provided you're logging into both apps with the same Google Account and are accessing the same Google Nest "home/structure".

However, in recent months, many customers in this forum have reported they are not seeing their Nest Learning Thermostat automatically in the Google Home app. Many of those have corrected the problem with this workaround:

In the Google Nest app, create a new, temporary Google Nest "home/structure". Then go to that new empty Google Nest "home/structure" in the Google Home app and delete it. This apparently forces the two apps to sync and the thermostat then appears in the Google Home app.

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