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Unable to remove c by ge seamless plug from Home

Community Member

Hello. I have the same problem as shown in these other conversations. The suggestion so far is to contact GE. However, they don't have a solution. They claim it's an issue with Google Home.  I've been in contact with GE and Google Home for several months regarding this issue. I've tried all troubleshooting possible. The most recent conclusion is that it is probably some sort of migration issue from when C by GE became Cync. That's a bit strange though because my ghost plug that I can't delete was set up for the first time well after the transition.  But since I used the old app at one point, I guess that is a possible factor. One of the Google Home reps suggested that they could possibly look at my account and all of my connected devices to see about any other way to delete this ghost plug. But I have not been able to find a time that they could help with this. Apparently they're mostly available overnight. Since looking at my account appears to be the only possible solution, is there someone that can help me during regular hours? Or has there been some other solution that someone has discovered for this problem?  

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