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Hola buenas!!A ver si alguien me puede ayudar por que me estoy volviendo loco.No me deja vincular mi cuenta ni de Philips hue, smarttings de samsung, nuki, etc...Me da mensajevinculado y luego no hace nada, ni se agrega el servicio.Lo tuve sincroniza...

JONCRESPO by Community Member
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Resolved! I am unable to add Wemo devices to Google Home

I am unable to add Wemo devices to Google Home. I cleared the cache of my Google Home app from my phone's native settings, but that didn't resolve the issue. Then I reinstalled the Google Home app on my phone, and that didn't resolve the issue either...

nest987 by Community Member
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Google Home only allows 6 people

I need the ability to add more people to my Google home seeing as I have 10 family memvers living in the home, is there a plan to remedy the limit on people in a google home

Spotify won’t connect

I cannot get my google home to connect to my spotify account. It shows up under media as a linkable service. I click it. I sign into Spotify. It opens my Spotify app and says “authorizing”, then shows a check mark like it was successful. I go back in...

Cmariebee by Community Member
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All google home device "offline" despite functioning network

I have google home app ( and google nest wifi network working for a year now.I recently added google chromecast TV to Home app and since then (related or unrelated) - all devices in my Home app show up as offline (see images). Importantly -...

E29E2388-E791-41CA-8E4F-5A23A12E17C3.PNG F95A2BE8-F7B2-4EAE-9FE5-67421254A26A.PNG
ibarbash by Community Member
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Connecting govee home

Hy,I tried to connect my Govee home account to the Google home app with one LED strip, but when i try to log in it said that i don't have any device's on my account (but i do), and it also said that it can be because of a temporary error so i had to ...

robnin by Community Member
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Resolved! Integrating Google nest Google home

Authorisation ErrorError 400: redirect_uri_mismatch I get this error message when I try to connect Google nest on the Google home app. I don't get it.

VPgmail by Community Member
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Android tv nest camera

trying to view wired cameras on Android tv via nest app on TV. Tv is a TCL Migrate to google happened ages ago. Dont remember nest credentials and can not retrieve them because I migrated.

Putz425 by Community Member
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