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Video shuts off during duo call

Community Member

For some reason every time I duo call on the best hub max the screen goes black I can still speak to google and hear while on duo call but  it’s frustrating because the call feature is the main reason we bought these. How do I fix this issue? I’ve tried restarting and still isn’t fixed. 


Community Member

Try Google Meet.    My family all have hub max devices and we see the same problems with Duo.  It seems worse with people that have kind of marginal bandwidth at their house.  My friend and I started using Google Meet (via calendar invite) for video calls, and it doesn't ever seem to suffer from the black screen problem.   You can tell the assistant on the hub max to "join my next google meet meeting" and that seems to do it.   I submitted feedback asking for a way to use Google Meet by default rather than Duo.  

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Community Specialist

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