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Why do nest products not work with google assistant?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Jose Salmon 

So it appears like nest products do not work with google assistant. Why would you guys do this? I have no way to link "Nest" to my google account. Contacting support gives no results, as they just send me to documents like this one, and that document has inaccurate information. The best information I can find is this thread form 3 years ago that was closed and never addressed. Basically, when I try to connect the apps, Google Home wants to use a Nest Email and Password, but Nest has no password, as it uses google to login. Therefore there is no way to link these accounts. I was planning on dropping about $1000 on Nest products, but now I will not because of the false advertisement that is "Works with Google Assistant".

Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Jose, 
As I recall, you should not need to link your Google Home to Nest as you would do with other devices and services. Provided that you are using the same Google Account, they should be accessible from Google Home. 
Can you confirm whether you are using the same Google Account in both the Nest app and in Google Home?
-From Phil S UK, Silver Product Expert.