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Hey everyone,

We’re excited to announce you can now purchase the new 2nd generation indoor Nest Cam on the Google Store and supported retailers. The new Nest Cam is an indoor wired camera — our first Nest Cam under $100. Every home has its own unique design and that’s why your new Nest Cam comes in 4 different colors — Snow, Linen, Fog, and Sand with maple wood base ($119.99).

Many of you have been existing Nest customers for quite some time while others are just getting started building their connected home. Figuring out which camera is right for your home is important, so we’re taking some time to break down the key differences between the new, 2nd generation indoor Nest Cam to the earlier generation. 



Nest Cam (indoor, wired, 2nd generation)

Nest Cam Indoor
(1st generation)

Shared features

Mobile App

Built exclusively for the Google Home app

Nest Cam (indoor, wired) works with the Google Home app. The Google Home app accommodates event-based and 24/7 continuous video history and gives you visibility into all of your compatible connected home devices in one place (whether it's a Google Nest device or another brand).

Here are some new features:

  • Whole home history: See all of your events across devices
  • Video history: Scroll through your events horizontally, rather than vertically, and take a more granular look at your history. Learn more about video history in the Google Home app
  • Priority feed: See events that are most important in a dedicated tab

Works with the Nest and Google Home apps - but the experiences are different

If you’re used to the Nest app and give the Google Home app a try, you may notice there are some things you cannot do yet in the Google Home app, including:

  • Set up earlier generation cameras, like Nest Cam Indoor
  • Modify settings of earlier generation cameras
  • Schedule on/off times (currently, you can use Home & Away Routines)

We’re working on incorporating many of these favorite features from the Nest app into the Google Home app over the next year. Read this post for more.

Both the Google Home and Nest apps allow you to control the earlier generation Nest cameras.

From either app, you can do the following:

  • View live video from your cameras 
  • Talk and listen to visitors in your home
  • Turn your camera on and off
  • See your cameras organized by room
  • Delete video history
  • View device information

Web support

Web based app viewer coming soon

Although Nest Cam (indoor, wired) is not compatible with, we’ve been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app, so the new Nest cameras and doorbell feeds can be viewed and controlled there. This will launch in 2022.

Web-based viewing at

View your Nest Cam Indoor on a web browser on your computer at


Placement and Installation

Pan and tilt adjustments

The camera head on Nest Cam (indoor, wired) can be turned 360° side-to-side and down in both table and wall-mounted positions. For users that want to tilt their camera head up, they can rotate the base of their camera up to 180°, which will allow the camera head to be angled upwards. The camera also comes with a built-in wall mount conveniently located in the base. 

The camera head cannot be rotated (clocked) within the camera housing, which would have made the camera larger and more complex, but the wide range of side-to-side and up and down adjustment means the camera head can be positioned to capture any part of a room whether it's mounted on a table or a wall.

Nest Cam (indoor, wired) uses an attached USB-A power cable and a USB-A power adapter (included in the box) to plug into an outlet for power.

Pan, tilt and clocking adjustments

The camera head on Nest Cam Indoor can be turned 360° side-to-side, up and down, and rotated (clocked) within the camera stand. It comes with a wall mounting plate for vertical installations. 

Nest Cam Indoor uses a detachable USB-A / micro-B power cable and USB-A power adapter (both included in the box) to plug into an outlet for power.

Both cameras are wired and for indoor use cases only. 

Both cameras must be plugged into a power outlet to work.

They can be mounted on a horizontal surface like a table, shelf or mantle, and on walls or under a cabinet.


Nest Cam (indoor, wired) comes in four colors: Snow (global), Linen, Fog and Sand with maple wood base (US only).

Nest Cam Indoor comes in one color: black



Three types of intelligent alerts included out of the box + activity zones

The new Nest Cam (indoor, wired) offers three types of intelligent alerts right out of the box, no subscription required: people, animals and vehicles. 

You can also turn on motion alerts, which will alert you when the camera detects any moving object.

Additionally, we’ve included Activity Zones, a feature that has historically been a paid feature that required a Nest Aware subscription. Thanks to built-in intelligence, these features all come with your camera, no subscription required.

Familiar Face Detection

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can also add familiar face detection where you can train your camera to tell the difference between the faces you know and don’t know. Learn more about Familiar Faces here.

Disclaimer:  Nest’s familiar face detection feature is not available on Nest cameras used in Illinois.

Sound alerts

With a Nest Aware subscription, Nest Cam (indoor, wired) can detect the sound of a smoke and CO alarm and send a notification if the alarm sounds (US only).

Limited alerts out of the box

Nest Cam Indoor only offers motion alerts without a subscription.

With a Nest Aware subscription, you can add person alerts and sound alerts. It does not offer Familiar Faces, animal or vehicle alerts.

Activity Zones require a Nest Aware subscription.

Basic motion alerts are available right out of the box.

Camera Detection

Cutting edge performance

We’ve moved object detection on-device (people, animals, vehicle) and added a cutting-edge TPU chip, which allows algorithms to run on 2 times more pixels, up to 7.5 times per second. That’s a fancy way of saying that the new Nest Cam (indoor, wired) can detect events more accurately and send more timely alerts.

Motion detection on-device

Nest Cam Indoor detects motion on-device and must send video to the cloud to be processed for detecting people.


Included history

3 hours of event video history clips included

Out of the box, you will see a rolling 3 hours of event video history clips. So, if you check your app at 6 a.m., you’ll see the events that happened from 3 a.m. onward.

3 hours of photo snapshots included

Nest Cam Indoor offers 3 hours of photo snapshots out of the box, but does not record video of detected events. So, if you check your app at 6 a.m., you’ll see pictures of events that happened from 3 a.m. onward, but no video.

More video history with Nest Aware

A Nest Aware subscription will give you 30 days of event video history. A Nest Aware Plus subscription will give you 60 days of event video history plus 10 days of 24/7 continuous video history for both cameras.

Camera specs

Camera specs, enhanced with software

Nest Cam (indoor, wired) has a 2MP sensor, 135-degree field of view and 1080p video with HDR (High Dynamic Range) that’s optimized for the clearest possible view both day and night. We added software optimization which delivers sharpness, color accuracy and balance, and dynamic range without washed out whites.

Camera specs

Nest Cam Indoor has a 3MP sensor, 130-degree field of view and 1080p video but does not support HDR video.

1080p video

Both Nest cameras can stream up to 1080p video and support night vision using built-in IR LEDs.

Local storage fallback

Enhanced reliability

In the case of a WiFi outage, Nest Cam (indoor, wired) will record up to one hour of local video (up to a week’s worth of events for a typical household) and upload those events to the cloud once the WiFi connection is restored.
To learn more about Storage Fallback

No local storage


Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security 

Nest Cam (indoor, wired) requires a Google account, which comes with benefits like two-step verification, suspicious activity detection, and password checkup. 

See the “shared features” column

Encryption and transparency

For all Nest cameras, the device’s LED status indicator will always show you when the camera is processing frames or someone is watching the live feed. All Nest Cam footage is encrypted while stored and in transit between devices or a data center.


We hope this table provides a clear breakdown of the differences between our 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) and its predecessor, Nest Cam Indoor. And that it serves as a helpful guide as you decide which indoor camera is right for you. 

Thanks again for your continued feedback, and as always please share questions and comments here!


Community Member

So in other words this 2nd Gen camera is a product NOT ready to be launched or sold.

It’s features and quality have been watered down to incorporate a battery and it’s user interface/app has not been finished to give the user the proper full experience of  security the original version has.

Community Member

ON 1


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

I am hyped to hear that Google home is going to be coming to the web in 2022!!! Thanks for the update!

Community Member

I just purchase over 1200$ in Nest equipment for my new home, and I come to find that the 2nd gen cameras AND battery doorbell cannot be viewed from a Chromecast?  This seems insane that this feature was removed - when the web viewing is reimplemented will we be able to stream to a Chromecast w/ Google TV?  It feels like this functionality was removed explicitly to push people to buy hubs.  I would love to see a comment on this. 

Community Member

Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY the new Nest Cameras. They do not integrate with the very easy-to-use Nest App and they force you into the 1980's looking Google Home app, which is hard to navigate and generally terrible. It looks like an HS programming project that received a D- grade.  Seriously, Google should be banned from buying companies.  Unlike Apple, which aims to make existing products better, the Google business model must be to take make great products suck.  If that is the case, no one is better at it than Google.  They are the Joe Biden's of the tech world.  Make Tech Suck Again. DO NOT BUY THIS POS if you want to intergtate with the NEST app.  BOO! 

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

I just bought my first Nest Cam with Floodlight, and you cannot even schedule it!?!?! lol
The only automated way of turning it off and on is to use Home and Away routines... so, if you are at home, at night asleep, it is off? Who thought of that?!?!?!?!

Community Member


Community Member

Why do I keep falling for this? Once again, I buy further into Google's ecosystem to have them remove functionality and usability for no reason or warning. Now I've got cameras that aren't visible by internet and require the use of a less functional app. Seriously considering returning these cameras. I'd buy more of the old ones, but I'm sure the nest app will get deleted at some point anyway.

Community Member

I am EXTREMELY upset that I just purchased two of the new wired second generation Nest Cams only to find out that the main feature I wanted, being able to monitor them from my Chromecasts on my TVs throughout my house, doesn't work! That was a HUGE part of why I loved these cameras! Google needs to fix this or I'm going to uninstall them!

Community Member

I concur in the disappointment of finding out the next gen cameras are forced into the Google Home App —one of the worst UX’s out there. It’s like they purchased a Ferrari Nest App and instead of simply making it become the Google UI, they’ve gone ahead and forced us into a Yugo. Come one Google. Be better. 

Community Member

Nest Cam (wired) is not compatible with Nest Protect, as they use different apps, its not possible to configure Protect to save video clip from Nest Cam if it detects smoke of CO2 alarm, even though the Nest App says "Your Nest Protect can work with your other Nest products to help keep your home safer during an emergency" in the setting page for "Works with Nest".


Community Member

I loved the Nest app allowing zones for notifications. If it saw something inside a zone, it would flag it as that color.  No option to do that in Home app.  I have 4 existing cams and added their new indoor cam that doesn't work on Nest App.  All branded as Nest cams.  Kind of a fail on Google part.  If they phase out the Nest app, ill most likely switch to a different brand.  Even subscribed to the $120 yearly Nest aware subscription.   The Thermostat even appears on the Nest app.  Regretting the indoor cam now


Community Member

I returned my new cameras and got four brand new Next Cam IQs off eBay for $400, so I'm happy now. Sad that Google can't just keep what works. If history is any indicator, Nest is a dead app walking.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

@Kinddeath  Actually, I believe you can set up zones in the Google Home App. At least I can on mine. If you open the Camera, then click on it to "live" view, Click the Gear at the top right (Settings) > Events > Seen Events > Then "Add a Zone". You can rename the zone and make it any color.  You can then set it up to record People, Animals and Vehicles, as well as turn notifications for each on or off. You can also set it to record or ignore  events other than these (like bugs, etc.). You can also set the same for  outside of your zones.

Maybe not the most intuitive, but just wanted you to know it is there.

Community Member

I did see that now.  Thank you.  Unfortunately,  my old Nest cameras do not have that option in Google home.  Only in Nest.  They should just switch it and unify both generations via the app.

Community Member

Is it possible to sound an old fashion ALARM Sound when a burglar is detected by the Nest Cam in the house to scare them off??? I only get a notification on my iPhone 🤨

Community Member

I agree with DO NOT BUY recommendations. DO NOT BUY until Google fixes the issue with 10 day 24/7 video. Even though I pay for that feature the new cameras (Nest Battery Camera) does not support it. I can only get event video clips. Also, the camera is not viewable from my computer like the older camera are. I feel ripped off by Google that they sold this camera without basic features that we pay for and have had before. Shame on you Google.

Community Member

DO NOT BUY this product.  It is incredible how bad Google has messed up a market leader Nest App.  I will be returning this product ASAP!  You can not add this camera to the Nest App, only Google Home.  I can not properly migrate my Nest App account to Google Home for some reason.  So I essentially have two separate apps/ viewing experiences.  IMHO, the Google Home app is awful.  I love the Nest App but Google is slowly killing it off.  WHY?!  So now I am stuck with my legacy Nest devices in my Nest app and can not add to them.  Ridiculous.

When the time comes, I will buy into another ecosystem.  

Community Member

@KwasReb9 Honestly, Gen 1 worked for me. The cameras work fantastically well, so I'll just stick with that. You can get them on eBay right now for not THAT expensive.

Community Member

Just purchased and installed the new Nest Cam with Floodlight. Finding out now that I can't view in a browser. Don't have a URL I can feed to Sharptools so I can display a streaming tile with the cam displayed on my security panel.

My question would be, why release this 2nd generation when clearly the Home app wasn't ready? I spend $300 on a security solution that is pretty much pointless for my needs. Google is really proud of their Home app when clearly, just about everyone commenting here thinks it's crap. Hard to navigate, not intuitive at all and lacks many features. I am regretting my purchase and not happy that I have to wait for some point in 2022 to get the features I wanted? And who knows, when that comes out it probably won't even give me the ability to do what I want. That's usually how things go.

Community Member


When is Google going to come clean about screwing their Nest app users over?

Why the silence? 

Thanks for allowing us to pay top dollar for a product NOT READY for consumers. 

Thank you SOOO much for the fabulous Google home app that sucks for security cams. 

Oh and THANK YOU so much for allowing us to be beta testers!


Come on lawsuit! Can't wait!

Community Member

This is a complete joke. I have invested literally thousands of dollars into cameras for my home and business, thermostats, temp sensors, smoke detectors and a doorbell. And now, the new cameras I just bought will not work on the nest App? This is completely ubsurd!! I sincerely hope that this bad idea is revaluated for the future. 

Community Member

Why call it a nest camera when you can’t use the Nest APP! I will be returning the 2 2nd gen cameras. Why would I want to use 2apps. Such poor engineering 😞

Community Member

@Bendaman I think you hit the nail on the head, they don't want you to use two apps.  They want you to ONLY use the Home app and they will likely phase out the Nest app in the future like they do with so many other platforms that their users get accustomed to using and then get cancelled. The Nest app is functionally much better, and the Home app, while good for multiple other devices, doesn't have all the functionality of the Nest app that I expect from my Nest devices.

Community Member

Invested a lot in the nest aware plus subscription, cams, smoke alarms, and others. Bought the new 2nd gen nest cam and it does not work with my nest aware plus subscription. What the hell are you doing? Fix it please, fast

Community Member

I really wish Google had provided a notice of NON compatibility  with existing Nest accounts at point of sale. You would have saved me the trip to return the 2gen camera and a couple hours of my time before I finally figured it out. 
I am building a new home and planned to install Google cameras etc as I was very satisfied with my existing Nest account and cameras. So I purchased a 2 generation camera to facilitate security at the new site. 

Now there is no reason to be committed to Google. 
A very disappointed  customer. 

Community Member

Very, very disappointed to discover that the Nest Camera Gen. 2 does not work with the Nest app nor through a web browser. The Google Home has such limited array of options is ridiculous. It feels like this a beta testing product. I had the gen. 1 Nest camera and was very happy with it and its app.  Google, what are you doing? I seriously considering returning the camera. 


Community Member

Another frustrated user. Spent thousands on Nest products a year ago. Bought a 2nd gen “Nest” wired camera a couple of weeks ago to add another layer of security only to find THAT IT IS NOT EVEN COMPATIBLE WITH THE NEST APP.  

Community Member

Pretty pissed off to find out the two new nest 2nd gen cameras I just bought do not work with the nest app??!! What is that about ?? I have the nest doorbell camera and that works with the nest app but not these two new cameras? I have to use the lame google home app to see them all together? A ridiculous design and I can’t even see them on my home computer because they are non viewable on a web page only with the google home app which is not available with windows. It’s strange they make a great camera with great features but limit its usability??? 

Community Member

So when is the class action lawsuit beginning?


Count me in!

Community Member

@timthuston I don't think it's anywhere at the level of a lawsuit. They removed features in a later generation product. You can just return the cameras if you don't like them (which is what I did). It's not like they advertised that the cameras did something they didn't.

Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

@timthuston I don't understand why you make that statement. It is clearly listed as the first item under the Specifications of this camera:


As disappointed as I am as well, your failure to do your research does not constitute a legal case against Google. 

Community Member

@BG I seem to think I was pretty thorough when I purchased these in late August/ beginning of September. Maybe I missed it, but I saw nothing of the statement that you posted. 

Community Member

At the very least, it should remove “Nest” from it’s name if it isn’t compatible with the Nest App. 

Community Member

I bought a Nest cam 2.0 wired and I'm very disappointed in the lack Nest App functionality.  The Google Home app is garbage.  I'm seriously considering returning this product and would recommend to all thinking of buying one of these to not waste their time and money.  This is not a Nest Cam it is a Google Home Cam. 

Community Member

Now I have a doorbell and thermostats on an app I love (Nest app) and one nest cam indoor that I hate since it won't work on nest app and you can't set a schedule for when you want notifications. GOOGLE ADD MANUAL SCHEDULES TO ALL NEST PRODUCTS!  Now I have to return my nest cam because Google hates its customers.

Community Member

Presently I have a doorbell and indoor regulators on an application I love (Nest application) and one next cam indoor that I disdain since it won't deal with home application and you can't set a timetable for when you need notices.

Community Member

i just bought 2 from best buy then i ve found out 2nd gen can't use Nest app. wth, why do i wanna use such ugly interface like 1st gen android system. plus why do i to use nest and home app. this is non sense. i m gonna refund these 2 and get 1st gen instead

Community Member

The more I think about it, the more I worry that and the Nest app are going to be phased out. When I see Google say things like "we’ve been working on rolling out a desktop experience for the Google Home app", it usually means they're planning to take something that works, replace it with something that works less well, and kill the app that we already have that works great and we're all used to. 

Community Member

I see all these complaints and RachaelC is to afraid to respond. She knows the new system is crap.

Community Member
  • @crakkus I don't think they ever respond, at least not that I've seen.  It's more then announcing things and then radio silence. They are too big to do a back and forth with their community, despite this being the "community" website. *shrug"
Community Member

Nest camera that can't be used in the Nest app?
Now for two cameras I receive notifications in one app, and for the new, 2nd gen, in the other?

Also, Nest App has great, beautiful UI. Google Home is ugly af

Community Member

Hi @RachelC,

I’ve bought 6 Cameras which are the battery version. As I’m not able to schedule these cameras on and off, I’m finding that I have to charge them all in just over a week.

This is not ideal having to climb up a ladder each week to pull them off and charge them.

I purchased my cameras from Harvey Normans in Broadmeadows, Vic Australia. 
The store won’t take them back as well. How can I send these cameras back and get a refund?


Community Member

I am already resigned to the fact that I will need to switch to a new Ecosystem for my smart home.  Google Nest Home is just so awful on so many levels.  How can one not add new product to the beautiful Nest App UI?  I'm essentially stuck in 2017 with Nest IQ cams, etc.  

The question is which do I switch to.  I have been giving this a lot of thought.   Alexa or Apple?  Thoughts? 

Community Member

Can I trade two 2nd generation cameras for two 1st generation cameras?  This is a serious questions, not sarcasm.

Community Member

@RachelC - Do these posts of dissatisfaction from users, which clearly indicate a failed product launch, cause pause at Google or just cause them to dig their heels in deeper and double down by actually removing the Nest App?  I remember when I made the dumb decision to migrate my Nest account to Google and lost the ability to login to the Nest app on my AppleTVs…  It seems like every pivot Google makes to Nest products, they remove something valuable and either replace it with something far worse or simply don’t replace it at all.  When will customer satisfaction be what drives Google to do better, versus doing what is needed to drive customers to their analytics collection efforts or to their competitors?

Community Member

@Thermofish I don't think they really will do anything.  We are sadly only a few voices.  In the grand scheme of things, they are going to sell thousands of cameras and only hear from a very small percentage of us dissatisfied customers. I wish it wasn't the case, but they will do what they do and ignore us.  I seriously doubt you'll even get a response.

Community Member

Google Nest cams was going to be my next endevour. But now that's not going to happen, after the shocking announcement the other day about speaker groups.

I see myself having spent 1000s of $s and hours setting up surveillance cameras and a doorbell camera, only to discover that Google has realized someone else has patents for motion detection, live views, group view, alerting, audio, pan/tilt etc. etc. and remove all functionality but viewing still images for each camera.

Fool me once....

Community Member

Totally ridiculous that the so-called “Google Nest Cam (battery)” does not work with the Nest app. I should have checked before buying but silly me thought the very name of the camera meant it would work in the existing Nest ecosystem. Already have an RMA and the camera is on the way back to Google. Now I have to decide if I should spend $400+ on eBay for another Nest IQ Outdoor Camera, or bag my whole $2000+ Nest system and switch to another brand. Thanks Google.

Community Member

How do I set camera up to monitor my dogs if they bark