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Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


As we say goodbye to Winter and hello to Spring, we have lots of updates: new blogs to check out, new features in the community and more! Let’s take a look back at the last month of winter and prepare to bloom into the new season. 


Check out the latest blogs: 

Google Home app updates: The latest update builds on experiences from Android home controls and Google Nest smart displays to deliver seamless interactions across your home. 

Google Nest devices updates: Your Google Nest devices keep getting better, with more personalization, entertainment, and shortcuts. Click the link to learn all about the fun new features coming to your devices. 


New featured posts:

In each product forum, you can now find featured posts from community users pinned to the top. Specific product  blogs will also be pinned to the top of their respective product forum, so that you can easily dive into relevant posts from the Google team. 


Community shout out:

Did you know you can connect a smart microwave to your Google Wifi mesh network? Thanks to help from @Juzdu  and @MichaelP , community member @MATTLLOYDBOS was able to connect their Sharp Microwave SMD2499FS to the Google Wifi mesh network


You all help our community thrive. 



Shout out to @Patrick_Caezza for being one of our top kudos community product experts! Thank you to all our community members for helping each other out. 


Social shout out:

Video of the month: @oneguynick shares a wild chicken sighting. Why did the chicken cross the road? To get in the house! See the video on Twitter:

That’s all for March!  Are you enjoying the community? Let us know in the comments below!


We’re thankful for all you, our community members, and for your support and feedback.

The Google Nest team


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I'm not sure what I have found here but I can answer a question or question a answer.

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I am still trying to get my email changed so I can use my google nest but cringe every time I think about calling nest support tech cause they hook you up with workers from the Philippines and they keep losing internet connection any help on someone else I can get ahold of to get this finished I love paying for something I can't use .


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Mrr Long

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Hi, @Leticia 
Thank you for the valuable infos. I'm a user of Pixel5a with 5G and Nest Hub(2nd gen).
Also keen to learn a lot of useful tips here.




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Here in the southern hemisphere we say good bye to summer and hello autumn.  Winter is coming!

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I have always bee a fan of Google!  However, the Google Router is my nemesis.  I have explored every route possible and am at a loss as to how to move forward.  This device is archaic.  How is it possible to have both 2.4GHz an 5 GHz bands and not be able to temporarily over-ride the 5 GHz band?  This is ludicrous and I have spent additional money to by products for a work-a-round just to connect my Atomi Smart String lights.  I have communicated and spent numerous hours with Atomi, Google, T-Mobile, Spectrum, Best Buy customer service.  The bottom line, the lights won't connect.  I get a "failed" connection! Go to your Router and over-ride the 5GHz band .  I am back to square one.  I think Google and Nest should have anticipated this problem when merging.  Now I am at the point of re-investing in a router with all the capabilities I need to install my lights.  An expensive solution, Google!  

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Nice Post I like it 

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My Gnest no display powerno lights no nothing

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september announced new doorbell in 2022. keep seeing huge discounts, assume they don't want to launch with current stock of non-working battery (in cold) and extremely old wired version.  eight months later nothing.

nest/home app still in flux.

i'm done, moving on.  ill keep the thermostat and just go another route for camera and other needs.  all we wanted is an update or roadmap.


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drive more 

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  • Please help mee!!!
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I was forced now to update and now I can throw my google nest in the bin. I cannot cast my Homey dashboard anymore and it was the only reason I purchased it. Now I have to turn to Alexa. 

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