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Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Update: Great news! We're rolling out Matter compatibility for our newest Nest Thermostat released in 2020. This means you can now adjust the temp and change your thermostat's mode with multiple Matter-certified smart home platforms and apps.

If your Nest Thermostat hasn't received this update just yet, don't worry --- Matter compatibility will be rolling out to Nest Thermostat over the next few weeks, starting April 18.


Hey Google Nest Community,


Back in October, we announced that Matter is coming soon, and we have a very exciting update to share with you! Matter is now available for Google Home on your Nest and Android devices just in time for the holidays.


Here at Google, we want to make the home more helpful for everyone. That’s why with Matter enablement, we’re making it easier for you to set up devices and providing you with more choices on how you want your home to interoperate. Keep reading to get all the details you need to know about Matter and how it works with Google Home.


Google Matter.png


Google Devices with Matter

If you’re not familiar with Matter yet, let us give you the quick TL;DR: With Matter, you now can further customize your smart home to work with even more smart home devices and multiple ecosystems, so you can control your devices however you choose. Take a closer look at how Matter can help you make more connections with Google products and your favorite brands in our Keyword blog: Make connections that Matter in Google Home


We’ve updated many Google speakers, displays, and Wi-Fi routers with Matter, meaning they can work as a hub for Matter-enabled devices both locally and remotely with your Google Home app. That means you’ll soon be able to choose from hundreds of compatible products from your favorite brands and easily connect them to your smart home. 


With Android Fast Pair for Matter, it’s easy to set up a new Matter device in just a few taps. You can share devices with other platforms and apps just as easily as sharing photos, and we’ll continue to work to make those smart home setup experiences even easier.


Matter's Multi-Admin feature simplifies cross-platform control

Matter's built-in Multi-Admin feature is what simplifies cross-platform control, making it easy for you to connect your devices to multiple ecosystems and apps at once. Google and Samsung have also been working together to make sharing devices between ecosystems more intuitive and seamless for you. 


Soon, when setting up your Google Home app, you'll be made aware of Matter devices that have been set up with the SmartThings App on your Android OS phone, and you will be given a choice to easily onboard those devices to Google Home, and vice-versa. This means that you won’t have to manually add each of your devices one at a time or worry about which ecosystem your device has been set up on first.


Google Home support for Matter

If you want to control your Matter device with Google Home, you’ll need a Google Home or Nest device that can work as a hub for Matter. These devices include:

  • The original Google Home speaker
  • Google Home Mini
  • Nest Mini
  • Nest Audio
  • Nest Hub (1st and 2nd gen)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest Wifi Pro


Matter-enabled devices can connect to your home network over Wi-Fi or Thread — a networking technology that’s helpful when you need a low power connection, like when connecting smart locks on your front door. We’ve also updated the following devices to work as Thread border routers, so you can connect Thread devices to your network too: 

  • Nest Hub (2nd gen)
  • Nest Hub Max
  • Nest Wifi Pro


We’re working to bring Matter to as many Google Home surfaces as possible, and we'll be enabling more Nest devices, like Nest Thermostat, in 2023. 


Need help using Matter on your Google devices? To start, check out this Help Center article: Google Devices with Matter.  For additional Matter-related questions or discussion, join the conversation in the community’s Home Automation forum, or we invite you to post in the appropriate product forum, which can be found on the community home page.


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And be sure to check back here in the community blog for all the latest updates on Matter, including when more Google Home devices and surfaces will be enabled.


The Google Nest team