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POV: You just got  a Chromecast, so you've grabbed a bowl of popcorn, your favorite blanket, and you're ready to binge the latest show. But as you set up your Chromecast, you get an error on your TV: "Reconnect me." Don't sweat it, we'll give you some pointers to get you back on track!




This might look like...
We've all encountered a time when the Wi-Fi can't connect to a new device or unexpectedly drops connection. Here are a few types of Wi-Fi connection errors you might get on your TV:

  • Can't find the Wi-Fi network
  • Can't connect to the Wi-Fi network
  • Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi network due to router error
  • Chromecast is connected to Wi-Fi network, but can't access the internet

If you encounter any of these connection errors for your Chromecast, here's what we recommend:
Try the following steps to resolve the connection error you're getting. For more details about how to do each of these steps, check our our Help Center article for how to fix a "Reconnect me" error.

  1. Check the internet access: Are your other devices able to access the internet? If not, you might need to reboot your router by unplugging it, waiting a few moments, then plugging it back in.
  2. Check your router location, password, or other changes: If you've made any changes recently to your router setup, you might need to open the Google Home app on your phone and check the settings for your Chromecast device.
  3. Check the distance between your router and Chromecast: For the best possible connection, your Chromecast device should be within 15–20 feet of the device you used to set it up and your router.
  4. Reboot your Chromecast: Try unplugging your Chromecast's power cable, and then after a minute, plug it back in.
  5. For 1st generation devices, use the HDMI extender: Since these devices are a bit older, their performance might need a little extra help. However, you can still try using the HDMI extender that came with the Chromecast, which could reduce Wi-Fi interference.
  6. Try a factory reset: Depending on which Chromecast device you have, the steps can vary. Here's how to factory reset most Chromecast devices:
    • In the Google Home app, touch and hold the device's tile, then tap Settings (gear icon), More (three vertical dots), and then Factory reset.
    • From the Chromecast device, while it's plugged into your TV, press and hold the button on your Chromecast device until there's a blinking light. When the light turns solid white, release the button and your Chromecast should reset.


Need more help? Join the community discussions about this topic, and make sure you've stopped by our Help Center.


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great 😊

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Community Member

Very nice 🙂

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I have the 1 generation and can’t seem to connect. Can someone please help. 

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

@Aidee   Hello,  did you try the things in the list above?  Specifically the one that tells you how to do a factory reset?      If you have and you still can't get it to work you can open a support ticket and get help from a google tech.  Here is the link you need.  You will be able to actually speak with some on after you fill this out.

If you get it back up and running please come back here and let us know if it worked

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This advice is useless for my first generation Chromecast. I switched internet providers and can't do a factory reset because there is no button to push. And I can't link it to my Google home app or connect to it in the device utility app because it's linked to the old WiFi. HELP ME!!!

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Just changed broadband provider and now can’t connect. Can’t do factory reset as it says find device and hold down but that doesn’t work 🤷‍♀️

Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Remember, this is just a user forum.  Google tech people will not respond here.  My suggestion is to follow the previous advice (above) and open an official support ticket with Google

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I have lost the ability to cast on Facebook. How do I fix this. The casting icon does not show.


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For anyone with Chromecast built into the device like my Sony AVR STR DN-1080 here is an easy fix....

If you find you are unable to connect music streamers over WiFi like Amazon, Spotify after a Google Home App update etc and your Chromecast built in device is no longer poping up on the list of Google Home devices....

Don't bother with all the firmware updates, factory resets etc.  All  unecessary (most of the time).

Just unplug your device, in this case it was my Sony, leave it for a few minutes in order to fully disconnect from your WiFi network.

Turn it back on.  Make sure it's connected to the same WiFi network as your Google Home Mini et al.

Once connected it should now show up as a device again in the Google Home app.

Problem solved.

Hope this helps....Cheers