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Seasons Greetings everyone,

As the festive season approaches, there are so many plans to make. While the world gets back into a new normal, family and friends are starting to gather round the tree or menorah to reconnect. Let your Google Nest devices help you bring the joy back this holiday season. 


Doorbell rings, are you listening?

The guests arrive and the carolers are singing, fa la la la la la. Oh wait, that’s not carolers at your door, that’s the wonderful sound of holiday ringtones. ‘Tis the season to greet your guests with festive sounds including Jingle Bells, Winter Sleighbells, Ma’oz Tzur, Hanukkah Dreidel, New Years Party, and more. Ringtones are available globally on the new battery-powered and wired Google Nest Doorbell*. Pair your Nest Doorbell with Nest displays so you can conveniently view who is at the door. Ringtones will be available in both the Google Home App and Nest App from Dec 1 - Jan 4th 2022. And don't forget to check out the holiday deals on the Google Store including $50 off the new Nest Doorbell (battery).

*Google Nest Doorbell (battery) requires the Google Home app and a Google Account. It’s not compatible with the Nest app or the site.



Sleigh the package delivery

Now you can fa la la along with your doorbell, when all your packages from Black Friday and Cyber Monday start to arrive. With the package detection feature on Nest Hello, (US only and Nest Aware subscription required), you will receive a notification when a package is detected. 

No more worries if a package has been delivered when no one is home—now you’ll be aware and can make a backup plan, like enlisting the help of a neighbor. We know each front doorstep is unique like a snowflake, so you can draw an Activity Zone around the space where you would like your packages delivered. Get through the hectic holiday season with ease and fun tunes. 


Decorate in style

Turn your decorating day into a decor dance party; play your favorite holiday tunes and show off your dance moves as you gather the family to join in. With the multi-speaker feature you can hear the music throughout the house with multiple Google Nest devices. 

Who says family out of town can’t join in on the decorating fun? The Google Nest displays are a great gift for parents and grandparents that live out of town. They can use Nest Hub Max to video call and stay in touch for all special occasions. 


Cook up some holiday cheer

Whisk up a Merry Christmas with a little help from your Google displays. Just say, “Hey Google, show me sugar cookie recipes on YouTube.” You can watch cooking videos on YouTube or listen to Google Assistant and follow step-by-step recipes. Check out this help article for more tips on cooking with Google Assistant.


Wishing you a merry and bright (light) holiday season, 


The Google Nest team