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Add nest doorbell battery to nest app

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original poster: Andre Rauch 


I added my new nest doorbell battery powered device to the Google home app but cannot find how to get it to display in the nest app with all of my other cameras, can the battery doorbell be added in the nest app?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist
Hi Andre, 
The new Nest Cam Battery and Nest Doorbell Battery are only compatible with the Google Home app. 
Google has committed to bringing over more features for the previous generations of cameras to the Google Home app but for now, you will still be able to view the live streams and event history of all of your cameras within the Google Home app. 
I hope this helps. 
All the best, 
-from Phil (Product Expert)

Community Member

Hi JohnF,  With all due respect do you work for Google?  I'm just baffled by the fact that the GOOGLE HOME app has been out for about a year (I don't know the exact release date) but here we are with the Thermostats still not supported in that app.   What they heck has Google been doing all this time?  With Google's resources this should take about a week to fix.

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I bought the nest doorbell to replace my ring doorbell because I wanted to consolidate into my existing Nest thermostats and cameras. It’s incredibly frustrating I can’t use it that way. Google Home is not a great UI. It takes me 3-clicks to see what I need to see. Please bring the doorbell into the nest app until the google home app is comparable. 

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Almost like the Nest App was superior and every single word of feedback I've seen about Google Home App is that it is less convenient than the Nest App.

If _only_ Google had access to people that could code apps to make the user base happy. Hmmmmm.

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Google allows for the wired version to be supported the Nest app but not the battery. Flawed, easy to fix. Please update the app to allow for you product to flourish.