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Battery Doorbell - lost backplate and device is unusable.

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Short version: Lost backplate now i can't use the doorbell now i need a solution.

So i live in an apartment and wanted to use the doorbell.  So i was coming up with ways to mount it without screwing it in.  So i took the 15 degree mount with the backplate attached to it to the local hardware store to try and get creative.  In that process i lost the 15 degree mount and the backplate.  So now i can't use it because i need the backplate to turn it on since i get the unmounted status in Google home.

I contacted support to see if i can buy the parts they said they don't sell them and to check third parties.  From what i can tell all the third parties only sell the mounts and not the backplate that is actually needed to hold the little button down and get the device into a mounted state.

Any help would be appreciated in finding a 3rd party or getting around the mount status.

thank you.




For our Google Nest Camera (Battery), under Settings | Device Information, there's a "Camera mount" option where we can select "Other mounts". Does the battery doorbell have the same option?

(Unlike its competitors, Google Nest does NOT sell spare parts. Google Nest Support sometimes provides parts if the device is under the one-year warranty, but it sounds like they refused you.)

Thank you for your reply,

I do not see that under the Device information only
Name, Home, Room, Spoken Language, Open Source License, Technical information.

The dots only have help and feedback so nothing in the corner either.


Shoot. Looks like it's only the battery camera that lets you choose another mount.

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MplsCustomer, thanks for the help here.


Thanks for visiting the Community. I'm sorry to hear that but I appreciate you for looking for an alternative. Let's check this out — could you please fill out this form so we could further check?


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submitted.  I look forward to your reply

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We've received your form — thanks for filling that out. I'll consider this post as complete and will lock the thread in 24 hours. Please keep an eye on your email as someone from our team will reach out to you to assist you further.