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Bought Cam and Floodlight 3 months ago - camera dead - contact/returns???

Community Member

I bought this from Best Buy11/10/21 and had an electrician replace our old driveway flood w/ motion sensor with the Nest Cam with Floodlight. It's hardwired and the switch (to the flood/camera) is ALWAYS on. The other night, the camera battery went to 0% and will not re-charge.

One "solution" was delete it from the Nest/Home app and re-add it ... I deleted it but can NOT RE-ADD it because it can't connect via Wi Fi - it fails to connect and says to "stand closer to the camera (battery)" when I'm holding the phone NEXT TO THE CAMERA! 

The flood lights work - so the unit gets power. I believe my camera is totally dead. The install instructions indicate a blue LED comes on when trying to connect to Wi Fi after it's powered plugged in, but there is no LED on on the camera when I plug the cable to the camera. How to I get a replacement or refund and buy a different camera/flood that actually works for more than 3 months? Do I call Best Buy or deal with Google? 


Community Member

I KNOW it's wired correctly and getting power because the camera and flood HAD been working fine since it was installed less than 3 months ago. AND the floods DO get triggered by the motion sensor. 

It's deceptive to say this unit can be 'hardwired' when in reality I believe ONLY the flood is; the camera runs off an internal battery - and a poor one at that.  It's SUPPOSED to get re-charged by the FLOOD unit HOWEVER, judging from the hundreds of 'battery won't re-charge' complaints, it's a BIG problem Google's solution is to ignore it.  I would like to try another outdoor camera (assuming it's the same connection) or get a refund and move on - who do I contact? I don't see any support phone numbers on this site, and - since I got it from Best Buy - I may have to deal with them, not Goog.  This is brutal - waste of time on a simple simple task - poor design, zero feed back from the device about what the PROBLEM.